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2021 Accreditation Visit

As part of its Comprehensive Accreditation process, the University is required to submit an Assurance Argument and supporting evidence. The Argument assures the Higher Learning Commission that UWGB meets the required Criteria. The Assurance Argument is available here for university and public review.

Federal Compliance

As part of the institution’s accreditation process, we must demonstrate that the University complies with specific regulations outlined by the U.S. Department of Education.  Areas reviewed include:

  • Assignment of Credits, Program Length and Tuition
  • Institutional Records of Student Complaints
  • Publication of Transfer Policies
  • Practices for Verification of Student Identity
  • Publication of Student Outcome Data
  • Standing With State and Other Accrediting Agencies

The full process is explained on the HLC Federal Compliance Program page. Below is UWGB's Federal Compliance Filing form:

Multilocation Report

As a result of the UW Colleges and Extension Restructuring Project - known as Project Coastal at UWGB - UWGB added three branch campuses in Manitowoc, Marinette and Sheboygan.  At that time, the HLC informed us that we would need to complete a Multi-location Visit Institutional Report as part of our Comprehensive Review.  The process is described on the HLC’s Multi-location Visit page.  In 2019, however, UWGB requested that Manitowoc, Marinette, and Sheboygan be reclassified as additional locations, which was approved July 24, 2019.  (The differences between campus/branch campus and additional location are explained in HLC’s Glossary.)  As a result of the new classification, we are not required to submit a Multi-location Visit Report to the HLC at this time.  However, the process of writing the report produced a useful document which is being used as evidence in the Assurance Argument.

COVID-19 Report

The HLC also required that we submit a report on how we responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.  As of September 2022, institutions are no longer required to submit a COVID-19 Response Form.

Student Survey

As part of its 10-year Comprehensive Accreditation process, the University is required to request comments from students.  UWGB conducted this survey April 5-14, 2021.  UWGB communicated with students to request they complete the survey through a variety of media, including email, Navigate, Canvas, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Coutney Sherman

Contact Us

Contact our University's Accreditation Liaison Officer Courtney Sherman, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, for all questions and comments.

Phone: (920) 465-2463