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Hmong Studies


Welcome to the Hmong Studies Center at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. The Center was chartered in 2007. It is charged with developing and facilitating courses in Hmong Studies, supporting student and faculty research, and organizing on-campus events including a lecture series that will focus on Hmong life and culture and feature leading scholars and professionals. Look for additional information to be added during the year.


As we prepare for the new academic year, there are a number of exciting things happening with the Hmong Studies Center. We welcome a new faculty member to UWGB, Dr. Christin DePouw, whose research has focused on critical race theory and post-secondary education, with special emphasis on Hmong college students. At UW-Eau Claire Dr. DePow was the faculty advisor for the Hmong Student Association and was actively involved in efforts to develop a Hmong Studies minor at the university. You can visit Christin's UW-Eau Claire webpage.

Manee Moua at Commencement

The UW-Green Bay Spring Commencement featured a very important guest -- the speaker at the graduation ceremony was Ma Manee Moua, a graduate of UW-Green Bay who earned a law degree at the University of Wisconsin Law School and later served as assistant attorney general for the state of Wisconsin Department of Justice. You can read more about Manee at the graduation ceremony here.

In 2007, Manee was recipient of the Distinguised Alumni Award from UW-Green Bay. You can read more and see a photo of Manee and her family here.

As an undergraduate, Manee worked with Dr. Ray Hutchison (Urban and Regional Studies) on several early research projects that helped bring about the Hmong Studies Center.

The Hmong Studies Center is a sponsor of the Hmong 18 Council 3rd Annual Proclmation and Celebration of Hmong arts, music, crafts, and folklore in Appleton this July 20th.

Hmong 18 Council Appleton