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Manee Moua Distinguished Alumna

Ma Manee Moua graduated from UW-Green Bay in 1999 with a degree in Philosophy. She was co-recipient of the UW-Green Bay Outstanding Student Award. She received her law degree from the UW-Madison Law School in 2002. While attending law school, she received numerous scholarships and awards, including the Fred Suhr Award for scholarship, the Association for Women Lawyers' Annual Scholarship, and the Bruce F. Beilfuss Memorial Award. She also served as president of the Wisconsin International Law Journal. She is a board member of United Asian Services of Wisconsin and a member of the Dane County and Wisconsin bar associations.

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Neville Public Museum Exhibit -- Who Are the Hmong?

The Neville Public Museum in downtown Green Bay features an important exhibit titled Who Are the Hmong from September 29, 2012 - May 12, 2013. The exhibit explores the Hmong transition to the United States and their successful adaptation to their new country. It describes the harrowing experience of Hmong men and boys who fought as allies alongside Americans in the Vietnam War. It reveals the traditional Hmong culture that has survived for thousands of years through wars and migration. In answering the question, Who are the Hmong?, the exhibition hopes to foster an understanding of the Hmong community and create deeper connections with our new neighbors.

As part of their celebration of Hmong Culture in the United States, the Neville Public Museum will host a series of talks and presentations. The current talk is by Xia Moua, a UW-Green Bay graduate, on Hmong Entrepreneurs.