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Students may obtain internship credit for

  1. Serving as a teaching assistant in a Human Biology course
2. conducting a supervised practical experience with a professional in the community who has expertise relevant to a student’s career goals.

The University has specific guidelines for students who wish to enroll in an internship. In addition, the Human Biology program has specific guidelines that a student must meet, including junior or senior standing and a minimum overall GPA of 3.0. Students who do not meet the minimum GPA requirement must receive special permission from a Human Biology faculty member in order to enroll in an internship.

Credit Requirement Guidelines

Internships in Human Biology are usually completed for 1-3 credits. A guideline for establishing the number of credits is the following: minimum of three hours per week of work is to be conducted for a 1-credit internship. In a 14 week semester, that would be a total of 42 hours of work for one credit.

Course Guidelines

  1. The student should have regular meetings with the instructor.
  2. The UW-Green Bay writing policy should be followed in preparation of the final paper, report, or journal. Additional requirements as to style and format may be given by the instructor. It is suggested that a draft be prepared for review by the instructor before the final copy is submitted.

Registration Requirements

  1. A Proposal Form should be filled out and agreed upon by the student, instructor, and field supervisor. The form requests a description of the internship, a timetable for the project, and the basis for evaluation. Students can obtain this form from the Registrar.
  2. After the form is filled out, the field supervisor, the instructor, and the Human Biology Chairperson must approve the proposal form before the student can register for the course.

For those undergraduates who have demonstrated exceptional knowledge in a subject area and are interested in teaching, the Human Biology program has established a 3-credit internship for that purpose. The criteria are as follows:

Internship as a Undergraduate Teaching Assistant


  1. Must be second semester Junior or first or second semester Senior.
  2. Must be either Human Biology or Biology major.
  3. Must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better.


  1. Conduct 50 minute discussion groups twice a week or assist in a 3 hour laboratory.
  2. Develop appropriate study materials for students (lecture subject summaries, study guide materials, practice exam questions, etc.)
  3. Assist in proctoring class and/or laboratory examinations.
  4. Attend lectures.
  5. Meet with faculty member supervisor once every 2 weeks.
  6. Complete a journal, closing report, or portfolio including activities developed to aid student learning, personal learning experiences in teaching students, materials used in instructing students. etc.

Internship Shadowing of a Healthcare Professional

Many professional programs require applicants to have experience in the career in which they wish to pursue.

A student may earn only one (1) internship credit for this type of experience. This one credit will serve as an elective and will not count towards any upper level requirements.

Please consult with Career Services in order to identify internship positions relevant to Human Biology that are available within the community.