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Information and Computing Science


Information and Computing Science is an administrative unit that manages several academic programs:

  • Communication (interdisciplinary majors and minors in several areas of emphasis: electronic media, public relations, organizational communication, journalism, and photography, as well as a disciplinary minor in corporate communication).
  • Computer Science (interdisciplinary and disciplinary majors and a disciplinary minor).
  • Information Sciences (interdisciplinary major and minor).

All of these programs share a focus on problems of information - how meaningful information is constructed from data; how it may be stored, valued, processed, and communicated by both people and machines. All share an orientation toward solving problems. All include a balance of theory and application. The combinations of perspectives and skills that are built into the interdisciplinary programs and the additional possibilities of combining majors and minors provide students with many options for tailoring their educations to a wide variety of career options.

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