What's unique about this major at UWGB?

The Real World. Many of the courses in Information Science are project oriented, where students work toward a specific goal. There are also opportunities for internships and practice (mini-internship), where students gain valuable practical experience. Employers highly value real experience (beyond the classroom) in candidates!

Custom Fit. In addition, each student negotiates an individual area of emphasis. This requirement is an opportunity to apply information principles to a particular problem area or to gain further tools for some specific career direction. These emphases include Information Systems, Organizational Communications, Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations.

Come Together. Students complete an advanced information problems capstone course which integrates knowledge and skills acquired in the major.

Show, Don't Tell. To assist in their career pursuits, students build a portfolio of their work examples to show prospective employers or as part of graduate school admissions.

The One And Only. The Information Science program at UW-Green Bay is the only one like it in the state of Wisconsin. This is the only place to get this education!