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2019: Making High-Impact Educational Experiences for All

Making High-Impact Educational Experiences for All

Equity in high-impact practices is the theme of this year’s institute, as UW-Green Bay and its branch campuses are taking an equity-minded approach to the integration of high-impact practices across curricular programs. While we may sometimes wonder if our work makes an impact on larger systemic forces, Levine's big-picture discussion connects this pedagogical and student-success work to core questions about the future of our civic life in the United States.”


Dr. Peter LevineOne diagnosis of our current political crisis is long-term and nonpartisan. It begins with a recognition that our everyday, grassroots civic life has eroded. In this talk, Peter Levine argues that civic life is valuable, describes its decline, and offers a strategy for renewing it. Public higher education has a role in that work. Peter Levine is the Lincoln Filene Professor and Academic Dean at Tufts University’s Tisch College of Civic Life.