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The UW-Green Bay, Manitowoc Campus Lakeshore Wind Ensemble plays a full spectrum of music from symphonic band literature, including dramatic classical works, rousing marches, swinging big band tunes, and lyrical ballads. Members are comprised of both community members and UW-Green Bay, Manitowoc Campus students.

2019-2020 | 36th Concert Season – Sharing Our Passion for Music

Dear Friends,
Our theme this year, “Sharing Our Passion for Music” is indeed what brings all of us, band and audience, together. What a wonderful, special gift music is, and especially in these fractious times how important it is that we can share music. This is such an important part of the mission of the Lakeshore Wind Ensemble and Lakeshore Big Band, and we are very grateful that you share our passion.

For band members, we know how important our groups are. They give up precious time and energy to practice and rehearse. Last year, having lost a rehearsal due to the weather (and my, there was a lot of weather!), almost all of the band was able to attend a last-minute rehearsal on a Friday night. This is what makes it so special for us to have the good fortune to lead an ensemble like the LWE and LBB. 

It takes the band a lot of courage to go on stage and share their music with you. If you have ever performed, then you know how hard it is to bare one’s soul in public as we do when we play music. But there is so much reward in being able to share our passion for music with you.

We hope to see all of you (and all of your friends and neighbors) at each of our concerts this coming year.


Dr. Marc Sackman and Paul Sucherman

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