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The Lakeshore Wind Ensemble was founded in the fall of 1983 by Professor Michael J. Arendt as part of the University of Wisconsin Center – Manitowoc County Community Outreach Program. Beginning with a membership of 35 student and community members, the LWE performed its first concert in March of 1984. Since that time, the wind ensemble has grown to a current membership of over 90 musicians, and encompasses a wide age span from students to retired persons, in a blend of youthful exuberance and musical maturity. Community members from all walks of life form the basis of the organization, since there is a continual change in the student membership at the two-year UW campus. Several of these community members have played with the wind ensemble since its inception, and numerous students have "come home" to the wind ensemble after completing their degrees at a four-year university. The common bonds of this diverse group are the love of good music and the joy of sharing that music with others.
The LWE first rehearsed in a basement room at University of Wisconsin Center – Manitowoc County West Hall. Acoustically and physically it left much to be desired. The ceiling was so low that Professor Arendt’s baton would occasionally pierce the ceiling panel above the podium during rehearsal. Hillside Hall, formerly West Hall, was constructed on the UWC-MC campus in 1987. A music wing, including a large rehearsal room, piano lab, and practice and storage rooms, became the home of the wind ensemble.
In January of 1990, the Lakeshore Wind Ensemble was invited to perform at the convention of the Wisconsin Chapter of the National Band Association. The band was honored by being chosen by the NBA Selection Committee to be the featured band to perform at the convention's closing concert.
During the fall of 1997, UW-Centers consisting of all 13 freshman/sophomore campuses in the UW System were renamed “UW Colleges.” The campus name changed to the University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc. The band became the UW-Manitowoc Lakeshore Wind Ensemble.
In the summer of 2001, an extensive expansion and renovation project was provided by the Manitowoc County Board, the people of Manitowoc County, and the University of Wisconsin System. Lakeside Hall, which houses the Music Department and University Theatre, was a major part of that project. The music facility includes a large rehearsal room used by the Lakeshore Wind Ensemble, Lakeshore Big Band and Capitol Civic Centre Community Chorale, as well as serving as a lecture/class room. The department also includes needed space for music libraries, storage facilities, office space, piano lab and practice rooms.
Concerts presented by the Lakeshore Wind Ensemble in the first years were presented in the UWC-MC Fine Arts Room, but other sites had to be found due to the growth of both the ensemble and its audiences. Concerts were presented at Washington High School, Two Rivers, and at Wilson Junior High in Manitowoc in 1986. Two concerts were held at the Capitol Civic Centre prior to its renovation. While the Capitol was undergoing its renovation, the LWE presented concerts in the multi-purpose room - also fondly referred to as the “performing arts gym.” Since the 1990-91 season, however, the Lakeshore Wind Ensemble has presented its annual subscription series at the Capitol Civic Centre.
The Lakeshore Wind Ensemble now presents five concerts annually at the Capitol. The season begins with "Music of the Masters," which is presented in October. The Arendt Family/Lakeshore Wind Ensemble Association Talentships awarded to UW Green Bay – Manitowoc Campus students are announced at the October concert. “A Festival of Christmas” held the first Saturday in December is for many the start of the holiday season. This concert features TV Host Tom Zalaski as guest narrator, he is celebrating 35 years with the LWE. “The Biggest of the Big Bands,” or pops concert, is held in mid-January when the wind ensemble joins the Lakeshore Big Band for an exciting evening of the sounds of the fabulous swing era. In March, the wind ensemble presents “The Winds of March.” At this concert, the winners of the Lakeshore Wind Association's Young Artist Competition (held biennially) are featured in solo performances with the ensemble. The final concert of the season in May varies in theme.
The wind ensemble has presented several concerts at the Manitowoc Historical Society’s Pinecrest Village and is an annual participant in Two Rivers' free “concert in the park” as part of that city's “Music Under the Stars” series.
Along with entertaining audiences close to home, the LWE has traveled abroad numerous times. The group has undertaken four concert trips to Continental Europe, one to England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, one to Scandinavia and Russia, and two to Manitowoc’s sister city, Kamogawa, Japan.
Michael J. Arendt served as the LWE/LBB conductor from 1983-2014 and Dr. Daniel Ackley served from 2014-15. Dr. Marc Sackman has served as conductor and music director since January 2016. Two assistant conductors have served the the LWE: Brian Van Ells (1987-1997) and David Bourgeois (2011-2014). The group is also aided by an Administrative Assistant; Linda Drumm Luchsinger served 1985-2014, and Sandy Sickinger has served 2014 to present.
In 2018, UW-Manitowoc became part of the University of Wisconsin Green Bay campus and is now named UW Green Bay – Manitowoc Campus Lakeshore Wind Ensemble.