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Master of Science in Management

Management MS

UW-Green Bay Timeline

The following is a timeline for U.S. students seeking a Master’s of Management Degree with a semester at the BEM Bordeaux Management School in Bordeaux, France.

Dual Degree with KEDGE BS

  1. Fall semester:
    16 credits at UW-Green Bay
  2. Spring semester:
    15 credits in Bordeaux (Optional: French language class)
  3. Summer and before Dec. 1:
    Submit a final project, changing an incomplete grade from the fall semester to a letter grade, and completing the requirements of the Master’s Degree in Management.

See the EBP International Degree timeline if you are a UW-Green Bay student who wishes to pursue a Master's of Management degree with UW-Green Bay and a EBP International degree with BEM Bordeaux Management School in Bordeaux, France.


Dr. Vallari Chandna

Chair of the Master's of Management Program
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay