Lakeshore Wind Ensemble

The UW-Green Bay, Manitowoc Campus Lakeshore Wind Ensemble plays a full spectrum of music from symphonic band literature, including dramatic classical works, rousing marches, swinging big band tunes, and lyrical ballads. Members are comprised of both community members and UW-Green Bay, Manitowoc Campus students.

2018-2019 | 35th Concert Season – Celebrating 35 years of Music on the Lakeshore

As we celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Lakeshore Wind Ensemble it is impossible to do so without a feeling of gratitude. Gratitude for the Herculean tasks accomplished by so many in the formation and maintaining an organization like this. Gratitude for the foresight and leadership of Michael Arendt and the many board members, volunteers and support staff who so tirelessly created and nurtured something from nothing. Gratitude for the niche the organization fills in this community. Gratitude for a world class performance venue, the Capitol Civic Centre, so opulent and regal, welcoming, and exhilarating to perform in. 

And, most of all, our personal gratitude to the men and women of the Lakeshore Big Band and Lakeshore Wind Ensemble who are some of the most dedicated and versatile musicians around. We have a lot of laughs, but we also get a lot of work done. And most of all we get to play music together, which is as wonderful a group activity as we can possibly imagine. 

And one more thing...our personal gratitude to all of you who come to see us. You who come with open arms and open hearts; ready to be entertained, to ‘take a ride’ with us, to dance, sing along, tap your feet, laugh and nod knowingly to each BE AN AUDIENCE! Everything we do is with the hope and prayer that you will be moved in a small way by our efforts.

Thank you...and let’s all raise a glass to the next 35 years!

Dr. Marc Sackman, LWE Conductor and Music Director
Paul Sucherman, LBB Conductor and Music Director

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