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About Mathematics & Statistics

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Use math to transform ideas into solutions.

Whether you're passionate about pure mathematics, statistical analysis or applying mathematical principles to solve complex problems, our mathematics and statistics majors and minors provide the tools and support you need to succeed. Our challenging courses, expert faculty and hands-on experiences equip students with essential analytical and logical thinking skills to meet the demands of the future.

Math & Stats Catalog

Student in UWGB Calculus class taking notesStudent in UWGB Intro Statistics MATH 260Students taking calculus notes on a tabletProf. Bandara's UWGB Introductory Statistics MATH 260 class

Major Choice: Math or Stats?

The mathematics and statistics discipline has programs of study in two emphasis areas: mathematics and statistics. A student who elects a major in mathematics must choose an area of emphasis from one of these two programs of study.

Mathematics Emphasis

If you enjoy problem-solving, logic puzzles and the theoretical aspects of math, a mathematics emphasis might be ideal. You'll explore foundational mathematical principles and appreciate their elegance, logic and problem-solving power. Ready to dive into the abstract world of pure math?

Mathematics Emphasis

Statistics Emphasis

If you're drawn to analyzing data, interpreting patterns and making data-driven decisions, statistics could be a better fit. You'll gain valuable skills in data analysis, interpretation and prediction and master the art of using data to make decisions.

Statistics Emphasis

Add a Math Minor

A math minor might be a better choice for you. You can customize your college journey with one of our four options for minors offered within the mathematics and statistics program. Gain sought-after quantitative and problem-solving skills that complement your primary major and can expand your career prospects across various fields.

Actuarial Science Minor

Want to become a go-to expert in assessing and managing financial risk? The actuarial science minor prepares you for introductory actuarial exams needed for entry into an actuary career in financial and insurance industries. Gain a solid understanding of core actuarial concepts, including accounting, economics, probability and statistics.

Actuarial Science Minor

Mathematics Minor

Tailor your education to a route that excites you. With just a few more courses, you can strengthen many STEM majors by also obtaining a math minor. Choose from three minor emphases:

  • Applied Mathematics Minor Emphasis
  • Mathematics Minor Emphasis
  • Statistics Minor Emphasis

Mathematics Minors

Placement Exams

The Universities of Wisconsin placement examination in mathematics is used to advise new first-year students about the level at which they should enter university courses.

About Placement Testing

Math & Stats Fast Facts

Discover the power of numbers in our mathematics and statistics program.

16 Avg. Class Size

Let's be precise—our median class size is 15, and the mode is 7. Small class sizes taught by expert faculty amount to more individual attention for you. (Source: Spring 2024 class sizes)

Math & Stats Faculty

70+ Math Classes

Dive in to our diverse array of math courses. From foundational algebra to advanced calculus, statistics and specialized topics like optimization and geometry, our curriculum fosters analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Math Courses

Finish in 4 Years

It's possible to earn a math degree in four years, even if you're starting with Elementary Algebra (MATH 94). Talk to an advisor to set up your four-year math degree plan. See sample four-year plans in our guides.

Whitney Wasmuth, UWGB Math Major at Graduation


"As I grew older, my love for math grew bigger, so it was easy for me to make the decision of becoming a math teacher. I am driven to be as passionate towards mathematics just as all my professors were at UW-Green Bay. Through their actions, I have been able to model their teaching methods in my own classroom, which is something I learned even beyond the classroom curriculum in college."

Whitney Wasmuth '23
Mathematics Major, Math Emphasis | High School Math Teacher, Reedsville School District

UWGB Mathematics Professor and Chair Woo Jeon

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Curious about a career in mathematics or statistics? Wondering if a major or minor is right for you? Don't hesitate to connect with our experienced and passionate faculty in the mathematics and statistics program.

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