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Management Internships

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Internships during college can make your career search easier later on.

Local companies are eager to work with UW-Green Bay students because they can get access to more future employees, which means there are plenty of opportunities for you to build your portfolio. In today’s workforce, experience is a significant factor on your resume – employers won’t just look at your GPA. They’ll look at your internships, projects and involvement in student orgs during college.

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Management Internships for Credit

Generally, internships involve about 50 hours of field work for each credit, so about 150 hours for a three-credit internship; this is about 10 hours each week during a regular semester. In order to qualify for an internship for credit, you must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 and a junior standing. Internships follow these expectations:

Internship Grading

Internships are graded as Pass/No Credit and do not affect a students GPA.

Supervised Internship

The off-campus internship supervisor is expected to oversee your work and ensure the position offers educational value and a good experience.

Faculty Mentor

A on-campus faculty mentor oversees the internship, meets with you periodically during the semester, reviews your written work and submits your grade.

Internship Completion

The student and internship supervisor will complete a feedback survey at the end of the internship. Also, the student will complete coursework on the internship learning component.

Brinley Kowalkowski Business Administration, Management Emphasis

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"I was able to acquire internships at the UW-Green Bay Job and Internship fair that helped me broaden my experience in the field. UW-Green Bay has helped me build the skills I needed for my career through consistent opportunities."

Brinley Kowalkowski '22
Business Administration, Management Emphasis
Audit Intern at Hawkins Ash CPA

David J Radosevich

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The first time in the professional world can be hard to figure out – if you need help figuring out how to get an internship or how to get credits, reach out to us.

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