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Letter from the Co-Editors

Introducing the 2022 Northern Lights

Welcome, readers! We are very excited to share with you this year's issue of the Northern Lights Literary & Arts Journal, presented by the Practicum in Literary Publishing course at UW-Green Bay's Marinette Campus.

This year, our editorial team hails from all three location campuses. To bridge geographic gaps, we met online to create the Northern Lights and also to produce our bi-weekly campus e-newsletter, The Driftwood. This came with its fair share of technical challenges—poor internet service, anyone?—but our team's earnest dedication pulled through. We have been privileged to pore through such creative and amazing submissions, and it is this talent that has made making the Northern Lights a total joy. We hope these featured pieces, from our UWGB students, faculty, and alumni, will inspire you as much as they've inspired us. Enjoy!

We'd like to thank the Marinette Campus Student Senate for funding, and all who made this year's journal possible.

Serenity Block and Shannon Ribich
2022 Northern Lights Co-Editors in Chief

Exclusive Digital Bonus Content!

We weren’t able to fit all of the best submissions this year into our print pages, so we created an online space for them. Visit the "Digital Bonus Content" section for additional poems, short stories, photos, short stories, and digital stories from UW-Green Bay students and faculty/staff.

Questions? E-mail Tracy Fernandez Rysavy, the Northern Lights advisor.