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Volume 38, Spring 2021

Volume 38, Spring 2021 Northern Lights Journal Cover
 —© 2021 by Kasie Bazan


Mallory Allen (Untitled Photo, "Oh, What I Would Give") says, “In May, I’ll be graduating from UWGB-Marinette and pursuing a Communication degree at the main UW-Green Bay campus. I’m an avid romance reader and wannabe novelist, and I love cuddling with my dog and spending time with my wonderful family and friends.”

Mara Allen ("From the Mouth of a Racist") has loved poetry and sunset photography since she was young. In her free time, she likes cheering on Wisconsin’s sports teams and spending time with loved ones. She is pursuing a Communication degree from UWGB and hopes to one day break barriers in the heavily male-dominated sports industry.

Elizabeth Asmus ("A Dog Named Gunner") is a recent graduate of UW-Green Bay and is pursuing work in the editorial and publishing field. She continues to write and enjoys spending time with her family.

Cindy Bailey (Big Boat and Little Kayak, Rachele at Sunset) is the Marinette Campus Executive Officer who loves the outdoors. She is a “sunrise and sunset chaser” who is most happy in a hammock or a kayak.

Kasie Bazan (Apple, To the Core) is an artist from Louisville, Kentucky. She is a student at UWGB majoring in Art with a Pre-Emphasis in Art Therapy.

Lydia Downey ("A Hypothesis of My Distant Stranger," "An Homage to Home," "Pantoum on Park Place" ) is an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, receiving a Writing and Applied Arts degree.

Evelynn Ehrlich ("Forever a Ballerina," "My Music Box") says, “I’m a senior on the Green Bay campus with a major in Arts Management and a Minor in English. I’m originally from Port Washington, Wisconsin, and plan on moving back there after graduation in May. Around my sophomore year of college was when I realized how I would love to be published. I think this journal and Sheepshead Review are great opportunities for students!”

Nicole Grunwald (Untitled Art) says, “In my art journal, the piece that I chose for Northern Lights is a personal work that I am really proud of. As an artist and a person, I have overcome a lot, and art has been one of my outlets to express who I am. Lastly, I believe that if you can find a way to express yourself, then there is a way to express yourself through anything.”

Isabelle Hoida ("Specter Detector") is full-time wizard-writer-student residing in a Victorian Age castle lodged in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In her free time, she daydreams of becoming a prominent author, ruler over the Seven Seas, and protector of Mankind. Isabelle writes stories inspired by the wackiness of the human mind and the everlasting beauty of the Great Lakes.

Anton William Kubetz ("Over Romanticized") says, “I’ve been getting rejection letters for about a year now, still new to the craft of poetry. Passionate and practicing, producing whatever this is with no thoughts to stop any time soon.”

Collette Larue (Dawn) is a Photography and Spanish student at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay campus. “Dawn” is from her collection entitled “A Photo Journal of the Natural World Along the Shores of the Point Au Sable Nature Preserve,” which was completed as a Cofrin Research Grant project.

Abigail Marquardt (Untitled Art) is an art major and education minor at UWGB. She enjoys reading, crocheting, and painting. She also loves hanging out with her cats and taking care of her plants.

Brandon McFadden ("An Unorthodox Life Lesson") passed away at home on December 11, 2020. He was a student at UWGB-Marinette, where he enthusiastically studied journalism. He lived life to the fullest and never met anyone who didn’t become his friend.

Brooke Poarch ("Reflection") is a senior at UWGB and will be receiving her B.A. in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing and her Writing and Applied Arts B.F.A. in December 2021. She currently serves as one of the managing editors for the Sheepshead Review and as Vice President for Sigma Tau Delta.

Indigo Ramirez ("The Ruined Canvas") is a non-binary Writing and Applied Arts Major in their junior year. They experiment with origami and digital art in their spare time.

Tracy Fernandez Rysavy (Orsay Clock) received her M.A. in English literature with distinction from Boston College and will be starting a Ph.D. in literature at Indiana University this summer. She teaches literature, writing, and women’s and gender studies at the UWGB Marinette campus and is advisor to the Northern Lights. 

Rachel Sankey ("A Silent Baptism," "Inside the Elevator," "Late December") is a senior at UW-Green Bay studying Writing and Applied Arts. She has accumulated years of literary journal work under her belt, and is currently one of the Managing Editors of Sheepshead Review.

Rebecca Stewart ("November Horoscopes: Mental Illness") is a 21-year-old student at UWGB Sheboygan. She lives with her fiancée, Alyssia, and is working towards her goal of teaching high school English. Her three little brothers, Alyssia, and destigmatizing conversations around mental health are the most important things in her life.

Sofia Terranova ("Pursuit") says, "I am a transfer student to UWGB. I am working towards a double-major in Engish and Writing & Applied Arts in hopes to get into editing and/or publishing post-college."

John Thornberry ("Vortices") has been published previously in Northern Lights, Louisville Thinker, and in Imagined Theatres. He is a freelance artist based in Marinette, Wisconsin. Currently, he is a Production Associate for UW-Green Bay's Theatre & Dance department, and is the scenic designer for their Spring 2021 production of The Laramie Project.

Kayla Underhill (Untitled Art) is a student at the UW-Green Bay main campus.

Elisha Voskuil ("Dust of the Phoenix") says, “Hi, my name is Elisha but y’all can call me Elish. All ya need to know about me is that I am a self-described movie and game aficionado. I don’t watch sports, but if they’re based in Wisconsin I cheer for them and that’s about it.”

August Wiegman ("Never Sideways," "Pink Ribbons") is a graduate from UWGB-Marinette Campus and a senior at UWGB-Main Campus enrolled in the BFA program for Writing & Applied Arts. They are the current Editor-in-Chief of Sheepshead Review, and have worked on Northern Lights in the past.

Virginia Williams ("It's Okay") says, "I am a Marine Corps veteran from Danville, KY, attending my first semester at UWGB-Green Bay Campus. My academic goal is to graduate from the university with a degree in dietetics."

Abigale Woodruff (Untitled Art) is an art major and education minor at UWGB. She enjoys reading, crocheting, and painting. She also loves hanging out with her cats and taking care of her plants.

The students of ENG 312: Writing Genre Fiction ("Murder on Planet X"): Serenity Block • Daniel Chang • Chris Chin • Lydia Downey • Rachel Doyal • Evelynn Ehrlich • Zach Goblisch • Tony Kubetz • Haven Ludwig • Katherine Lund • Sofia Terrranova • Gage Wilson • Tria Xiong • JouLee Yang

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