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We work with concepts on paper, but we also like to talk!

Connect with our team when you need support! Need more information about what you should submit? Looking for additional copies of our issues? We'll make sure we're on the same page, with a team of student interns and faculty advisor.

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2024 Editorial Staff


Kayu Brooks (Green Bay campus)
Kana Coonce (Manitowoc/Online campus)

Editorial Staff

Sasha Bouyear (Green Bay campus)
Mackenzie Hebert (Marinette campus)
Tiffany Jablonowski (Marinette campus)
Ginger Knauer (Marinette campus)
Logan Meek (Green Bay campus)
Jalaine Olks (Manitowoc campus)
Payton Rhyner (Green Bay campus)
Cheyenne Schreiner (Marinette campus)
Kelsey Vanderpool (Green Bay campus)
Gage Wilson (Green Bay campus)

Faculty Advisor