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Core Courses

As the name implies, core courses make up the bulk of your classes, are worth three credits each and function as the groundwork for your degree.

Introduction to Leadership

This course is designed to guide learners in exploring their perceptions of leadership, reflecting on their beliefs about leadership, applying the basics of effective written communication, articulating the value of critical, creative, and interdisciplinary thinking, and demonstrating skill in interdisciplinary problem solving. Even though the college considers all 198 courses to be First Year Seminars, the ORG LEAD First Year Seminar is also a core course in the major.

Organizational Research & Statistics

The focus of this course is on workplace research. Students will learn to identify problems and questions in need of solutions, to collect data that may be relevant to the solution, to use the tools of statistics to analyze and interpret data and to draw conclusions warranted by data analysis.
P: None. REC: ORG LEAD 198; PU EN AF 344.

Budgeting & Financial Management

This course will examine and address the intersection of budgeting and financial management across all three organizational sectors - public, private, and nonprofit, highlighting similarities and differences. It will delve into techniques, strategies, theories, and applications of budgeting and financial management, with an emphasis on real-world applications in organizations of all sizes and types. P: None. REC: ORG LEAD 198; PU EN AF 344.

Organizational Behavior Across Sectors

The course is designed to develop student's skills in managing individuals and groups in business, government, and nonprofit settings. It focuses on the knowledge, self-awareness, and skills appropriate for leaders in organizations such as communication, collective decision-making, conflict negotiation and resolution, motivation, and politics through the lens of the individual.
P: Sophomore status. REC: ORG LEAD 198; PU EN AF 344.
Fall and Spring.

Organizational Leadership Capstone

This capstone course helps students synthesize learning in their major, their area(s) of emphasis and/or minor(s), and their general education courses, and provides a platform for discussion and reflection on the meaning and practice of leadership and engaged citizenship.
P: ORG LEAD major and senior status.

Leadership in Organizations
PU EN AF 344

There is no single leadership theory or approach that will universally apply across all situations. The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the major theories and models of leadership with a focus on how we can use these theories and models to transform our leadership in practice. Through the use of interactive course activities, students will identify strong leadership practices and distill principles of exemplary leadership for use in their own organizations and communities.
P: None. REC: ORG LEAD 198.

Human Resources & Risk Management
PU EN AF 345

This course is applicable to organizations which utilize paid or volunteer staff and face multiple sources of risk to their functioning. Topical coverage will include risk assessment and planning as well as staff development, performance standards, and professional practices regarding proper interviewing, hiring, evaluation and dismissal procedures. Legal requirements and the institutional setting for both human resource and enterprise risk management will be examined.
P: None. REC: None.
Fall and Spring.