Paid Positions

Do you like Pep Band? Like Basketball? Like Money?

Sign up for the Phoenix Pep Band!

Paid Player Positions now available to UWGB students!

  • Earn $500-$900 per season to play in Pep Band!
  • Play fun music!
  • Make life-long friends!
  • Watch great UW-Green Bay Basketball! (for free!)
  • Travel to the NCAA Tournament!

Audition Requirements:

  1. Chromatic Scale from your lowest-to-highest range.
  2. Major Scales in at least 3 different key signatures.
  3. Two selections of music that best represent your playing potential. Can be 2 Pep Band tunes you know, 2 standard "classical" solo selections, or a combination.

Audition Requirements for Drum-set:

Demonstrate your proficiency performing the following styles each with fills:

  1. Show Beat (2-beat, used for our Fight Song)
  2. Swing - slow and fast.
  3. Latin
  4. Rock - slow and fast.
  5. Funk

Note: A drum-set will be provided for your audition.

Audition Requirements for Auxiliary Percussion:

  1. Two selections of music that best represent your playing potential. Can be 2 Pep Band tunes you know, 2 standard "classical" solo selections, or a combination.

Not interested in auditioning? Join the Phoenix Pep Band as a Volunteer Player instead!