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For Good Measure

Join an ensemble and create a community.

College isn’t just about preparing for the workforce – it’s also about the relationships you build and the memories you make along the way. Joining one of our instrumental ensembles gives you the chance to meet like-minded people who share your passion for music.

Audition for an Ensemble

Students perform for instrumental ensemble

Our Instrumental Ensembles

With ten instrumental ensembles at UW-Green Bay, there's a place for everyone! Find yours.

Students perform wind ensemble
Wind Ensemble

With the finest wind and percussion students at UW-Green Bay, this premiere ensemble performs at prestigious events. It is open by audition to all students. To audition, prepare a five-minute solo or etude with contrasting styles, along with two major scales. Be ready to demonstrate sight-reading also.

Students perform symphony at Weidner Center
Symphonic Band

The symphonic band is open to all university students with high school instrumental ensemble experience. As a member of the symphonic band, you’ll perform concerts each semester to showcase your hard work.

Students perform for brass ensemble
Brass Ensemble

Got skills with a sousaphone? This ensemble is for you – even if you’re not a music major! With a variety of performances ranging from brass choirs and large fanfares to chamber music such as quintets, duets and trios, the brass ensemble helps you polish your musical talent.

Students practice for woodwind ensemble
Woodwind Ensemble

Woodwind ensembles provide students with an excellent opportunity to work in a chamber ensemble setting. These ensembles perform a variety of genres from the Baroque to the contemporary. Several faculty members provide instruction for the various ensembles that include a saxophone quartet, a woodwind quintet, clarinet trios/quartets, choirs of instruments and mixed ensembles. Woodwind ensembles are open to all students by audition.

Student plays the flute
Flute Ensemble

Flautists assemble! By joining the flute ensemble, you’ll get chamber music experience. This ensemble explores repertory from several historical periods and includes duets, trios, quartets, quintets and larger ensemble works. The ensemble is open to all students by audition, but you should be able to read music and have some proficiency on the flute.

Student plays the bongo drums
Hand Drumming Ensemble

Get ready to wow, slap and ping! Instruments are provided by the University and include Afro-Cuban drums, bongos, marimbas and more. You’ll perform traditional compositions which borrow rhythms from West African, Afro-Cuban and Brazilian musical traditions. To show off your talent, the ensemble performs on campus, for private functions, at regional schools and arts festivals throughout Wisconsin. The best part? No prior experience needed.

Students practice for percussion ensemble
Percussion Ensemble

This ensemble focuses on music by American and European composers with an emphasis on recently composed music and the most significant literature written for this genre.

Professor directs the New Music ensemble
New Music Ensemble

Open to all students by audition, this ensemble explores and performs diverse music styles composed since 1945 including avant-garde, neoclassic, minimalist and experimental. You may even compose for the ensemble or do some interpretation of the works performed.

Students play in pep band at sporting event
Phoenix Pep Band

Project that Phoenix spirit and bolster morale by performing at the men’s and women’s basketball teams at on and off campus games! Please visit the official Phoenix Pep Band website for more information.

Students perform for string ensemble
String Ensemble

Comprised of any combination of violin, viola, cello and string bass, this ensemble is open to all students.

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Want to Know More?

If you need more information about any of our ensembles, let us know – we can help!

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