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Modern Physics

Physics is the study of matter and energy, allowing students to develop a strong background in how the physical world (heat, sound, mechanics) works. These skills are incredibly valuable in many fields including geology, engineering and medicine. Physics is offered as a minor at UW-Green Bay, and complements majors such as Environmental Science, Human Biology and many other programs.

If you are fascinated by optics, mechanics and magnetism, Physics could be the right minor for you.

Solving Physics Problems

Perhaps the most valuable skills you will sharpen through a minor in Physics are critical thinking and problem solving skills. A clearer understanding of the laws which govern the physical world and a better developed ability to mathematically model systems are secondary benefits.


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Strengthen Any Degree
A strong background in Physics is a great fit for students interested in any major field, whether it's Astronomy, Chemistry, Geology, Engineering, Medicine, or more.

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Gain Real-World Skills
“Science is a way of learning about the natural world. In physics more than any other science, the focus is on process rather than fact from the very beginning of the very first course.” -Heidi Fencl, Professor

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Physics Help
Need help? Heidi Fencl developed a website to help students put classroom information into context through the process of working homework problems.

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Scholarships Available
Scholarships are offered to qualifying students who meet the specified criteria. These can greatly reduce the cost of school, making it affordable and achievable.

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UW-Green Bay has excellent teachers, internships, research opportunities, and a great record of placing students into jobs and graduate programs. Learn More

Physics at UW-Green Bay

UW-Green Bay's Heidi Fencl

Meet Heidi Fencl

UW-Green Bay Prof. of Physics Heidi Fen research interests includes gender norms in self-efficacy and problem solving, and how such norms affect the science classroom experience. She is especially interested in how students use example problems for homework, and both homework and classroom strategies that are most productive for developing deeper problem-solving skills. Prof. Fencl is also here to help you!

Meet more of our Physics faculty members.

If you have any questions about the Physics program, please contact us!

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