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Improve Student Success & Retention

It's the courage to continue

Support students to persist in their education.

UW-Green Bay promises every student the opportunity to engage in learning experiences that help them cultivate their sense of belonging, discover their purpose, and develop the skills and perspectives to earn a degree or credential and positively impact their communities.

Graduate holding up a diploma case

Improve Student Success and Retention

Student success and retention is the responsibility of every faculty and staff member at UW-Green Bay. Over the next 18 months, we will break down the silos of student success between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs.

  1. We will align our efforts to support the whole student from their experience in the classroom to co-curricular activities, from our residential students to commuters, online students to those starting college at various stages of life, and to eliminate retention gaps between different constituencies.
  2. We will develop a modern advising system that honors faculty workload and still ensures guidance to students from faculty. The new system must wrap career guidance and academic advising from a professional advisor into a cohesive experience that is given to all students and not just those who seek it out on their own.
  3. Finally, we will create a unified and transparent method of offering scholarships and financial aid that follows best practices for the meaningful support of students, honors donor intent, and helps recruit and retain all students that attend UW-Green Bay.


This priority will be led by Provost Kate Burns, Vice Chancellor Dawn Crim and Executive Director Janet Bonkowski.

Kate Burns
Kate Burns
Interim Provost & Vice Chancellor
(920) 465-5161
Dawn B. Crim
Dawn Crim
Vice Chancellor for Advancement, Community Engagement & Inclusivity
Janet Bonkowski
Janet Bonkowski
Executive Director of Marketing and University Communication
(920) 465-2527