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Improve Student Success & Retention

It's The Courage to Continue

Support students to persist in their education.

UW-Green Bay promises every student the opportunity to engage in learning experiences that help them cultivate their sense of belonging, discover their purpose, and develop the skills and perspectives to earn a degree or credential and positively impact their communities.

UW-Green Bay African American student holding up diploma

Improve Student Success and Retention

Support the whole student from their experience in the classroom to co-curricular activities. Student success is our top priority regardless if the student is residential or a commuter, traditional age or starting later in life.

What We've Done

  • Expanded our certificate offerings to help provide professional development in a shorter timeframe.
  • Reimagined our advising model so professional advisors offer both career and academic guidance. Advisors are solely committed to student success and are assigned based on majors.

Where We're Going

  • Ensure those who enter UW-Green Bay reach their educational goals before leaving us.
  • Start measuring and tracking retention in ways that make sense to an access institution.
  • Become the largest provider of non-credit offerings in the State of Wisconsin.
  • Provide fluid options for students to enter, exit and reenter higher education when their lives allow for it.
  • Provide career coaching for all to help navigate pathways to higher education.