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Practically any issue can be studied through the lens of political science. Your degree will be incredibly adaptable because you'll develop skills including data analysis, verbal and written communication and critical thinking. With a political science degree from UW-Green Bay, you’ll be ready to face any challenge with confidence.

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Scott Walker speaks at UW-Green BayBernie Sanders holds rally at The University of Green BayGoverner Evers speaks at UW-Green BayPoliticians David Axelrod and Karl Rove participate in Counterpoint event

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One way to address our problems is to understand. Through research, you can discover more about our world and figure out the reasons behind political behavior.

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More and more, students are relying on scholarships to get them through college. Find out which ones you qualify for and consider applying for our political science scholarship.

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Though you have a broad range of career options, landing a job means you have to get professional experience like internships before graduation.

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Political Science student Toni Brooks

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"My favorite parts about the political science program would have to be the courses offered and the professors who teach those courses. So far, since I’ve been at UWGB, I’ve been able to broaden my knowledge on the topics of law, politics and government through courses like constitutional law, global politics and many intrigues me to analyze challenging subjects, take in the view from a different perspective and form a rebuttal if I disagree.

Toni Brooks '23
B.A. in Political Science

Student Success

95% of 2020 graduates found jobs or went on to further education within six months of graduation.

Expert Faculty

Our nationally-recognized faculty are committed to your learning. In addition to teaching courses, they invite professionals to help you network, publish research and create experiences outside of the classroom for their students.

Major Influencers

Meet with politicians, policymakers and high-profile leaders like David Axelrod and Karl Rove. They talk about what they do, what they've learned and how you can make a difference.

Professor Aaron Weinschenk

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If you’re struggling with classes, need career direction or want to know more about our program, reach out to one of our professors – they’re here to help!

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