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Political Science Research Lab

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Do research and create new knowledge to develop as a political scientist.

Research is like solving a mystery—you never know where it might lead. Previous research lab topics have included examining the role of presidential politics in state supreme court elections and fielding public opinion surveys to better understand how people think about politics and policy. Research lab graduates have gone on to successful careers in politics, law school and nonprofits.

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The Poli Sci Research Lab

One of the most unique opportunities we provide is the UW-Green Bay Political Science Research Lab. This is a research-based course where theory meets real life as you gain experience collecting and analyzing data. Study elections. Conduct polls. Regardless of what you do in the course, you'll stand out to future employees, and may even have your research published.

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Meet a Professor

Professor Weinschenk spearheads the Political Science Research Lab at UW-Green Bay. He recognizes the importance of research to facilitate your learning and give you experience future employers value.

Professor Weinschenk's Story  

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Make an Impact

In Fall 2019, UW-Green Bay offered the first research lab so you can experience the research process from start to finish. Discover what they researched and how it impacted students in their educational goals.

Our Research Lab  

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Research With Results

Students who took the class in 2019 explored the correlation between presidential elections and state supreme court elections. At the end of their course, they wrote an article to detail the results.

Read Their Findings (pdf)  

Professor Aaron Weinschenk

Ask a Professor

Professor Aaron Weinschenk, the chair of political science, earned his bachelor’s degree here at UW-Green Bay. Now he’s here to help and encourage you throughout your career.

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