Political Science involves the study of government, politics, and public policy both within the United States and in other settings around the world. We are a small program, but we offer courses in American government and politics, public policy and administration, political theory, comparative politics, and international relations. The faculty in the program are active in scholarly research and publication, and are also dedicated to teaching.

In addition to the workings of government and the exercise of power, in all courses we try to develop important skills in critical thinking and analysis, and in communication of ideas. We believe these skills are essential for careers in law, government, business, journalism, and politics.
The program overview link provides more information about the study of Political Science, related programs of study at UW-Green Bay, and careers for which a major or minor in Political Science is an especially suitable preparation. The links to requirements for the major or minor provide information from the University catalog. The link to resources takes you to a list of sites on the study of Political Science and opportunities for students.

For the latest changes in requirements for majors and minors, go to the link for Advising. The links for Major Requirements and Minor Requirements reflect what appears in the current catalog.