PSI Talks

Join us on Wednesday, March 27th , 2019 at 7:00pm in Fort Howard Hall at the Weidner Center for six engaging and thought-provoking talks from UW-Green Bay Psychology students and alumni.

The 2019 PSI Talks Speakers

  • Cory Rauch- The Political Brain: Ideological Differences in Notions of Fairness and Cognitive Flexibility
  • Sophia M. Sielen- Seeing the Human in Human Trafficking
  • Rachael Smith- It's Not All About the Money! What Makes an Engaged Employee?
  • Rosalyn Stoa- The Epidemic of Misinformation: Information Literacy as Vaccine
  • Morgan Storkson- Triggered. The Impact of Gun Violence on Adolescents: A Green Bay Lesson
  • Shayla Warren- Seeing Stars: The Long-Term Neural Implications of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury on Executive Function

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