Crime Reports/Data

If you have information about these or other crimes, contact Public Safety at 465-2300 and press 2.

The UW-Green Bay Public Safety maintains a specific Clery Crime and Fire Log, updated within two business days of Public Safety receiving a report, this log is maintained in compliance with the Clery Act. A copy of the log, which is maintained for minimum of 60 days, can be viewed online, or in person at UW-Green Bay Public Safety located at 2420 Nicolet Drive Instructional Services, room 1024, during normal business hours.

The full Annual Security Report and Fire Safety Report can be found using the link to the left. The following report contains a representation using raw data from Calls for Service.

*NOTE: The following crime log is posted in accordance with the Jeanne Clery Act and is not a list of all officer involved calls for service. Officers may engage in a variety of calls for service which are not required to be documented here examples of such are: traffic enforcement, non-criminal traffic crashes, or building checks.

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