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Enforcement FAQ's

University Police officers strive to create a safe environment for all members of the campus community and prevent behavior which is unlawful. If unlawful activity is discovered, officers use discretion to address the violation with most the appropriate type of enforcement action. Based upon the type of conduct, this enforcement action can range from a verbal warning to arrest.

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Citation Amounts, as determined by the State of Wisconsin
Circuit Court Access Program (CCAP), administered by the State of Wisconsin.
Brown County Jail Inmate Information, administered by Brown County Wisconsin.

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Police Department does not use a municipal court and utilizes Brown County Circuit Court for all offenses. Accordingly, all arrest and citation data is available on Wisconsin Court System Circuit Court Access Program or CCAP. Citation amounts are assigned by the State of Wisconsin using a uniform bail and deposit schedule. In the event of a custodial arrest, officers will use the Brown County Jail to incarcerate individuals until they can appear before the courts. University Police will not release information about ongoing criminal investigations unless required to do so by law.


Common Violations On University Lands:

Statute Description Forfeiture Amount
UWS18.02(8) Athletic Event - Entering Playing Surface $421.00
UWS18.08(4) Deposit of Human Waste $263.50
UWS18.08(8) Misuse of Parking Services $295.00
UWS18.09(2)(a) Possession of drug paraphernalia     $326.50
UWS18.09(3)(a) Possession of Marijuana    $389.50
UWS18.10(1)(a) Assaultive Behavior   $358.00
UWS18.10(3) Possession/Use of a Dangerous Weapon $515.00
UWS18.10(4)(b) Negligent Handling of burning material  $389.50
UWS18.10(4)(d) Tampering with Smoke Detector/Fire Suppression Device $326.50
UWS18.10(4)(e) Intentionally give false fire alarm $389.50
UWS18.10(5) Operating a motor vehicle off of roadway   $263.50
UWS18.10(6) Possession of Fireworks on University lands without authorization   $263.50
UWS18.10(7)(a) Resisting or Obstructing Police Officer $452.50
UWS18.12(5) Retail Theft $295.00
UWS18.12(6)(a) Theft, Value under $100 $295.00
UWS18.12(6)(b) Theft, Value $100 to $500 $421.00
UWS18.12(8) Vandalism $263.50
125.07(4)(a) Underage Drinking Violation - Procures or attempts to Procure    1st Offense $452.50
125.07(4)(b) Underage Drinking Violation - Possess or Consumes (Violator is 17-20yrs old)   1st Offense $263.50
125.085(3)(b) False ID - Possession of anothers ID, under false pretenses (Violator is 17-20yrs old)    $515.00
125.085(3)(b) False ID - Make/Alter/Duplicate official ID to show legal drinking age obtained $515.00
346.63(1)(a) Operating while under the influence of an intoxicant $937.50
346.63(1)(b) Operating with a prohibited alcohol concentration (.08 BAC) $937.50
346.63(2m) Violation of absolute sobriety law $389.50