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Lost & Found

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay has 3 separate locations that operate like a Lost and Found. If you have lost an item, these three locations should be contacted to see if anyone has found your item and turned it in. These location have procedures in place that make efforts to identify owners and return property as soon as possible. If you have found a low value item, please use one of these locations.
All items which contain money or personal documents (purse, wallet, Drivers License, Passport, etc) OR  are of value (Cellphones, laptops, backpacks, cameras, etc) should go to the Office of Public Safety. An officer can be dispatched to your location for pick up.

University Union Information / Ticketing Desk
2nd Floor University Union

Office of Residence Life
2350 Leon Bond Drive

Office of Public Safety/University Police
2370 Instructional Services Ct. (Instructional Services Bldg)

Lost and Found
All Lost/found property that is turned into the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Police Department, as defined in Wis Stats. §20.909, is posted on this webpage and on the bulletin board outside of our main office.  If the found property is not claimed within 60 days of being posted, it will be considered abandoned and disposed of according to law.