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Lost & Found

The University Ticketing & Information Center is the primary lost and found location on the Green Bay campus.

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There are also several other locations on the UW-Green Bay campus that offer a lost and found service. For additional lost and found locations and hours of operation, please contact:

Lost & Found Policy and Procedures

Logging Found Items

  • Items are inventoried upon arrival and logged into the Lost and Found database; listing the item number, the date turned in, the location where the item was found, and a brief description of the item. The item is then placed in a secure location.
  • The UTIC staff makes every reasonable attempt to determine ownership of lost and found items, including searching items such as backpacks, duffel bags, phones, etc. Our staff will contact the individual if the item contains identification, such as an email, a phone number or an address.
  • All UW-Green Bay campus IDs should be turned into the University Ticketing & Information Center. Students, faculty and staff will be notified via campus email when their ID is turned into the Lost & Found.
  • UW-Green Bay building keys will be sent to UW-Green Bay University Police immediately.
  • Items considered to be weapons or drug paraphernalia will be turned over to University Police immediately.
  • UW-Credit Union bank cards will be turned over to the UW-Credit branch office in the University Union immediately.
  • Items containing cash or items with an estimated value of $25 or more will be verified by a second staff member, logged in to the Lost and Found database, and given to a Full-time staff personnel, Coordinator, or Building Manager (after 4:30pm weekdays or on weekends) to be secured.
  • Prescription medications will be placed in a secure location.
  • Perishable items will be refrigerated until the end of the business day and then disposed of. Disposable food containers will then be discarded and/or recycled.
  • Items considered to be non-hygienic if used by anyone other than the owner will not be stored, and will be discarded immediately. These types of items include:
    • Face masks
    • Undergarments, socks and clothing of a personal nature
    • Towels, wash cloths or other cloths of personal use
    • Personal care items such as hair clips, hair brushes, make-up, lotions, hair products
    • Ear plugs and medical supplies or items
    • Any other items that are deemed unsanitary

Claiming Unfound Items

  • To make attempts to ensure lost items are returned to the rightful owners, persons claiming items must describe the items as closely as possible and provide photo identification. Mobile phones must be unlocked when claimed.
  • Items must be picked up from the University Ticketing & Information Center in the University Union. If the claimant is requesting the item be mailed to them, the claimant would be responsible for the shipping costs.

Disposing of Unclaimed Items

Items are held for 60 days and then disposed of in the following ways:

  • Driver’s licenses, identification cards and bank cards will be destroyed if not claimed by the appropriate owner.
  • Mobile phones will be e-cycled through the UW-Green Bay Safety & Environmental Management department.
  • Prescription eyeglasses/sunglasses will be donated to a local vision center for recycling/donation.
  • Non-University keys will be discarded. Keyless entry vehicle keys will be e-cycled. o Unmatched items, damaged items, disposable, or other non-­‐resale items will be discarded or e-cycled.
  • Unclaimed cash or other items of value may be returned to finder. Finder must identify themselves at time of submitting the lost item and indicate they would like to claim the item if it goes unclaimed for 60 days by filling out a claim tag. Finder must contact University Ticketing & Information Center 60 days after item is dropped off to arrange for pickup.
  • All other items will be taken to the UW-Green Bay Campus Cupboard & Clothes Closet (Rose Hall 140) or a local thrift store deposit location. A staff member will organize, inventory and pack the items for delivery.
  • University employees are not allowed to use, borrow, or keep items even after the 60 days period has passed.

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Contact the University Ticketing & Information Center (UTIC) for questions about lost and found.
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