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A device, machine, or piece of equipment, especially an electric one that is used in the home, such as a refrigerator or washing machine.


A yellow alloy of copper and zinc. Brass is commonly found in locks, hinges, gears, bearings, ammunition casings, zippers, plumbing, hose couplings, valves, and electrical plugs and sockets.


A yellowish-brown alloy of copper with up to one-third tin. Bronze is commonly used in the manufacture of coins, hardware mounts, furniture trim, ceiling or wall panels, ship hardware, and all sorts of automobile parts.


A red-brown metal, used especially for making wire and coins.

Ferrous Metals

Some of the most commonly found examples of ferrous metal include steel, cast iron and wrought iron.


A soft, heavy, metallic element found mostly in combination and used especially in alloys, batteries, and shields against sound, vibration, or radiation.

Mercury items

Items commonly found in the home that contain mercury are old barometer, old blood pressure gauges, mercury thermostats, mercury switches, relays, and diostats.

Nonferrous Metals

Materials that are not iron based like their ferrous counterparts. Found in items like piping, bike frames, baseball bats, and siding.

Stainless Steel

A form of steel containing chromium, resistant to tarnishing and rust.

Steel Cans

Rigid containers made mainly of steel. This type is used to store food, beverages, paint, and a variety of other household and consumer products.

Steel Cans – Aerosol

A receptacle containing an inert gas under pressure that sprays a substance, as a deodorant, disinfectant, or pain, when the gas is released by opening a valve.

Steel Cans – Paint

Cans that are empty that have been used for paint.