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The Sheboygan County Center

UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus was established in 1933 in space provided by the Sheboygan School of Technical, Vocational and Adult Education. During its first semester of operation, the campus (then known as The Sheboygan County Center) offered six credits of coursework. A full range of courses did not become available until 1936 when a chemistry lab was installed. Sophomore courses were added, but with the advent of the World War II, low enrollments forced the program to be curtailed. Following the war, classes were restored.

Post-War Growth

After the war, enrollment increased dramatically, climbing from 30 students in 1945 to 152 in 1946. A period of reduced enrollment followed in the 1950s, but this trend quickly reversed by 1958 when enrollment surged to 140 students and has continued to grow since then.

With the closing of Central High School in 1961, the Vocational School moved into the renovated area vacated by the high school, leaving UW-Sheboygan as the sole occupant of the older wing of the building. As the campus’ programs grew, it quickly became apparent that new facilities were needed.

In 1961, civic leaders and university officials began to consider the possibility of a new campus. As interest grew, the project soon took on county-wide interest. A year later, the Sheboygan County Board approved a $1.1 million bond issue to finance the project. The current campus was then situated on a 70+-acre site on the southwestern outskirts of the City of Sheboygan.

University of Wisconsin Centers

UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus is one of the 13 UW Colleges in the state. The merger of the University of Wisconsin and the State University System in 1972 resulted in the University of Wisconsin System and united the UW Colleges' campuses in its mission under the name University of Wisconsin Center System. In 1983, the name of the institution became the University of Wisconsin Centers. In 1997, the name of the institution was changed to University of Wisconsin Colleges.

Expanding for the Future

Improvements and expansions continue on the UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus campus. In 2004, UW-Sheboygan dedicated the new Brotz Science Building, which boasts state-of-the-art classrooms and science laboratories. And in fall 2007, the campus unveiled the Acuity Technology Center, which houses the college’s new library and provide additional “smart” classrooms and meeting space -- all equipped with the latest in communication and presentation technology.

UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus continues to look toward the future through the its latest 2014-19 Strategic Plan. Goals and objectives set forth in the document, which was created through the shared governance process on the campus, will guide UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus over the next five years in its efforts to meet community and campus needs.

2014-19 UW-Sheboygan Strategic Plan