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Title IX for Study Abroad

What is Title IX?

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 protects individuals from discrimination based on sex in any educational program or activity operated by recipients of federal financial assistance. Sexual harassment, acts of sexual violence, domestic violence and stalking are forms of sex discrimination prohibited by Title IX. The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay does not tolerate and will provide all remedies available to victims of any violation of Title IX. Under no circumstances will employment, participation in educational program or other campus activity be denied basis of gender and gender identification.

Procedure at UWGB

  • Those who believe they are victims, or who have received a report of or witnessed an incident of relationship violence or sexual harassment, have several options for reporting the incident:
    • The individual may elect not to report
    • The individual may report information to a confidential advisor in the Counseling and Health Center. Confidential Advisors are any of the Counselors, Nurses, Nurse Practitioner, Doctors or the Health Educator. An appointment can be scheduled by calling 920-465-2380.
    • The individual may report information to the campus Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Coordinators:

Christopher Paquet, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Policy and Compliance
830 Cofrin Library

Gail Sims-Aubert, Residence Life Director
2000 Student Services

Megan Noltner, Human Resources Specialist
710 Cofrin Library

Location Specific Information

The Office of International Education is creating a database of Title IX and related information to make available to students. Below is the information we have received from our partner institutions and organizations, we are consistently updating and adding new information as we receive it. This is provided directly from the university or organization.

Under each location/link below you will see what procedures, resources, and additional information is available at each location.

Chile (Universidad del Desarrollo)
Denmark (Aalborg University)
France (KEDGE)- No information
Germany (Justus Liebig University Giessen)
Germany (Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences)
Germany (Hessen Exchange- general)
Germany (Universitat Kassel)
Germany (Universitat Marburg- IUSP)- No 
Japan (Osaka Gakuin University)
Mexico (UADY)- No information
Netherlands (The Hague University)
New Zealand (University of Auckland)
Scotland (University of Aberdeen)
Scotland (University of Glasgow)
Scotland (University of Stirling)
Spain (Universidad de Deusto)
Spain (Universidad de Leon)- No Information
United Kingdom (London Internship) 

Chile (Universidad del Desarrollo)

At UDD we have; the support office a unit dependent on the Office of Student Experience and Development that has two main objectives, firstly, to be a channel of complaints in cases of sexual harassment, gender violence, and arbitrary discrimination, but also to promote a culture associated to the behaviors of good treatment, respect and a healthy coexistence.

For UDD all behaviors related to any of the aforementioned topics (sexual harassment, gender violence, and arbitrary discrimination) are totally prohibited and are considered abusive and unacceptable in our university community. One of the central axes, in most situations related to sexual harassment, gender violence, and arbitrary discrimination, is the abuse of alcohol and drugs, for this reason, the University wanted to take an active role in this regard, not endorsing activities or actions in which our students end up risking their integrity and/or that of others. In this same line, we hold talks and workshops throughout the semester with the aim of increasing awareness, and educating, therefore, we take preventive measures to provide our students with tools that allow personal care and the care of others.

Unfortunately the website is in Spanish, but this department is talked about and the information is shared with the students during the welcome activity. So if there were a situation, they would know where to look for help, and of course, they can always come to talk to the international office there for advice and guidance.

Denmark (Aalborg University)

Denmark Information
Aalborg University Mental Health and Safety Information

Germany (Justus Liebig University Giessen)

Stress management from/for Students of Justus Liebig University Giessen

ZfBK Justus Liebig University Giessen: Coachings and trainings

ASTA Justus Liebig University Giessen: Psychological and legal counselling (in German)

Equal opportunities office of Justus Liebig University Giessen

Local Police Department Giessen

Address: Polizeipräsidium Mittelhessen, Ferniestraße 8, 35394 Gießen
Phone: 001- (0)641 / 7006 – 0
Emergency number (Police and Fire department): 001- 112

Germany (Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences)

Please find below the information for students coming to Germany. However, facilities are structured differently in Germany and on-campus health services are not as common. Students will find the best help in public hospitals.

Local Police Department Information

  • Phone: 110

Dean of School Information

  • Dean of Studies Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerd Kehne
  • Dean of Studies Faculty of Computer Science: Prof. Dr. Hans-Reiner Ludwig
  • Dean of Studies Faculty of Business and Law: Prof. Dr. Susanne Koch
  • Dean of Studies Faculty of Health and Social work: Prof. Dr. Frank Ehmann

Campus Public Safety Information

Counseling and Health Center Information

Sexual Assault Center Information

Women’s Emergency Hotline Frankfurt

Adress: Kasseler Str. 1a (Ökohaus), 60486 Frankfurt
Phone: +49 (0) 69 79 30 27 95

Offers counselling on sexual assault, rape, sexual coercion, stalking, violence, unwanted photography and filming, (social media) harassment

Local clinics/hospitals with accessible psychologists or counselors
Uniklinikum (Psychiatric Emergency)
Address: Theodor-Stern-Kai 7, Haus 93,  60596 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 (0) 69 6301 5079

Germany (Hessen Exchange- general)

Germany - Hessen Title IX Information

Germany (Universitat Kassel)

Germany - Kassel Title IX Information

Japan (Osaka Gakuin University)

The university offers information on counselling services to our students only in Japanese

Information in English is available to international students with the documents linked below.

More Japan Title IX Information

Local Police Department Information

In the International Student Handbook there is information about the police Box (Koban) near campus and to which number students need to call in emergencies and what information they need to provide to police or the fire department.

Japanese Koban System:

Dean of Students Information or equivalent

For students of this International Exchange Program, they are given an emergency card with the contact information of the section chief and international center staff..

Campus Public Safety Information

Security guards are at the campus 24 hours at an office next to the main gate and at a monitoring room. We instruct our students to go to Office of Student Affairs first if something happens on campus. The campus is quite safe and usually students do not stay at our campus long after their classes end.

Counseling and Health Center Information

Please see an attachment.

Sexual Assault Center Information

Please see an attachment.

Local clinics/hospitals with accessible psychologists or counselors

Please see an attachment.

Netherlands (The Hague University)

Local Police Department Information

Emergency: 112
Non-emergency: 0900-8844

Campus Public Safety Information
Security: (+31) 070 445 8001 (Non Emergency)
Security: (+31) 070 445 8000

Counseling and Health Center Information

Sexual Assault Center Information

Local clinics/hospitals with accessible psychologists or counselors

New Zealand (University of Auckland)

Below are links provided by the university:

Scotland (University of Aberdeen)

Local Police Department Information:

In an emergency, students should dial 999 for the police. In a non-emergency situation, students should dial 101.

Tillydrone Community Policing Team covers the Woodside, Old Aberdeen and Tillydrone area. They are based at the Tillydrone Police Office, Conningham Terrace, Tillydrone, Aberdeen, AB24 2TW.

Campus Public Safety Information
Campus security (emergency): 01224 273939 (Available 24/7). Campus security (non-emergency): 01224 273327

Aberdeen provides a SafeZone App for all on-campus emergencies. There is also a Safer Aberdeen app for safety in the city. App includes:

  • A ‘Find Me’ section that locates your nearest late-night taxi ranks and bus stops, mobile toilets and emergency help and advice
  • Built-in night-bus timetable information
  • Advice on responsible drinking and ‘Best Bar None’ pubs, clubs and bars
  • Information on domestic abuse and where to go for help
  • Lots of contact for services such as Grampian Police, Antisocial Behaviour Team, City Warden and much more!

Counselling Information

Study abroad students are welcome to use the University’s counselling services. As there may be a waiting period before a student can see a counsellor, students may also wish to take advantage of private counselling sessions offered by places like First Psychology Aberdeen. Students will need to pay for treatment upfront and seek reimbursement from their insurance company. Students should confirm whether or not their insurance company will cover treatment.

Health Centre

There is no health centre on campus as students spending more than six months in the UK register with a local doctor via the National Health Service (NHS). Students spending less than six months (e.g., semester only study abroad students) are not eligible for treatment via the NHS. Therefore, they will need to use Aberdeen’s private hospital, Albyn Hospital which is located at 21-24 Albyn Pl, AB10 1RW, Tel: 01224 595993.

All students are eligible for treatment via the NHS if they experience an emergency (e.g., broken limb, loss of consciousness, etc.). The local NHS hospital emergency room is Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Foresterhill Road, AB25 2ZN. For emergencies, students should call 111

Sexual Assault Center Information

Rape Crisis Grampian. Students may also find on-campus support via our counselling service or Student Support.

Local clinics/hospitals with accessible psychologists or counselors Albyn Hospital has psychologists and counsellors on staff

Dean of Students’ or Equivalent

Mr Nicholas Edwards, Esq.
Head of Student Support
Students’ Union Building, Elphinstone Road
King's College, University of Aberdeen
Aberdeen AB24 3TU
+44 (0) 1224 272963

Scotland (University of Glasgow)

General campus safety

Sexual violence and harassment first responders

Glasgow has a team of sexual violence and harassment first responders who are trained to support students with issues surrounding sexual violence and harassment. There are contact details and an online contact form available on this page:

Glasgow has information online specifically for students who have been affected by sexual violence/harassment, which can be found here:

  • This page lists the emergency contacts for off-campus (i.e. Police 999) and on-campus security.

Other support services

Counselling Service

Scotland (University of Stirling)

At the University of Stirling, we are committed to taking all steps in our power to prevent and tackle sexual violence from rape and sexual assault to harassment or stalking. We want to encourage a culture of respect and create a university community that does not tolerate – and feels comfortable to challenge and report – sexual violence in Scottish society.

If a student, staff member or visitor to our University does experience sexual violence, we can help them whilst making sure they stay in control of their options.

If they require urgent assistance and the situation is an emergency, they should do the following:

  • If the person is off campus, they should call 999 to reach any of the emergency services
  • If the person is on campus, they should call the Security Team any time, 24/7 on extension 2222 (on an internal phone) or 01786 467999 to request the Police.
  • If the person needs an ambulance, they should dial 999 directly to speak to a call handler. They should then call the Security Team on extension 2222 or 01786 467999 to let them know that an ambulance will be arriving

If the person wants to talk to someone, they can speak with one of our Sexual Violence and Misconduct Liaison Officers (SVMLOs). These members of staff have been trained in taking disclosures and supporting people who have been affected by sexual violence. They can provide crucial referrals to other services such as the local Sexual Assault Referral Centre, Rape Crisis Scotland and the Police if required.

  • If the student would like to contact an SVMLO, they should complete this simple Sexual Violence and Misconduct Referral Form and send it to They can also connect with an SVMLO by contacting the Student Services Hub on 01786 466022.
  • Students also have the option of reporting the incident of sexual violence officially to the University directly to Student Discipline, or the Police and we can support them in doing this if they choose to do so.

Other sources of support:

  1. Student Support Services at Stirling University have a Counselling team, and a Mental Health Advice team which students can access. The registration form and further information about these services can be found here;
  2. The Archway Centre in Glasgow is our local Sexual Assault Referral Centre. This is a specialist service which is open to anyone who is aged 13 years or over who have been raped or sexually assaulted in the last 7 days. This service can provide forensic examination, a sexual health screen, emergency contraception and pregnancy testing, and support and counselling;
  3. Forth Valley Rape Crisis Centre can provide support and advocacy for anyone aged over 13 years old living in the Forth Valley area of Scotland.
  4. Our Deputy Secretary and Executive Director of Student, Academic and Corporate Services is Joanna Morrow.

Spain (Universidad de Deusto)

Spain Title IX Information

United Kingdom (London Internship)

At Anglo Educational Services as each case is different and depends on student issues and insurance, they do not usually provide information to the student for this unless they request the school intervene. The only thing they do is recommend Roc Clinic - - as they work with all American insurance providers. From there, they would usually make a recommendation or referral and Anglo Education will work with the student to get this approved by the insurance company.

CEA Study Abroad

  • CEA provides 24/7 response via a U.S. Emergency phone, and site specific Emergency Phones for students to report any incidents of concern.
  • CEA has a protocol to address incidents of sexual assault to ensure survivor safety and wellness.
  • Survivors are offered medical treatment, psychological support, and assistance to file police reports in line with the laws of the respective countries where the incident took place.
  • CEA acts in alignment with FERPA and Title IX to communicate incidents to the appropriate university staff, and document all actions taken with the involved students.
  • CEA will provide reporting as required by the home university to share timelines of actions taken.
  • Survivors are counselled as to Withdrawal and Leave of Absence options should they wish to leave their program.