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By accessing our hub for student resources.

Here at UW-Green Bay, we’re committed to student success. That’s why we provide you with the tools and information necessary to make the most of your education within our program. Whether you’re an aspiring actor, dancer or behind-the-scenes production enthusiast, our resources cater to a wide range of interests and pursuits.

Student Handbook

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News & Notes

Here, you'll find resources to help develop your identity in Theatre & Dance.

Theatre & Dance Blog

Get the latest news and updates for our program by taking a look at our blog.

Headshot Sign-ups

Each year, we offer opportunities to have your headshot taken. Check back for updates.

Bio Form

We'll use a short bio on theatre programs to help give you recognition for your work, so provide us with a blurb by accessing the form.

National & Global Resources

Theatre Script Library

Access our collection of scripts.


A variety of plays from numerous authors and time periods.

Access Anthologies   


Chicago, Fiddler on the Roof, The Frogs, oh my! These represent a fraction of musicals we have available.

Read Musicals   


We have countless scripts for you to pore over, learning how to construct a play.

View Scripts   

Professor Thomas Campbell

Ask an Expert

If you need more support or are struggling, your professors, like Thomas Campbell, are here for you.

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