What's unique about this major at UWGB

Experience - Theatre faculty members at UW-Green Bay believe that the best way to learn theatre is to create theatre. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the four mainstage productions offered each year and to become active in the student Alternate Theatre organization that annually creates several productions. The theatre program is continually involved with the Kennedy Center's American Theatre Festival which aims to identify and promote quality in university theatrical production. New York Spring Break Theatre trips!

Excellence - The UW-Green Bay campus has excellent facilities for Theatre majors and minors to practice their art. This includes the 450-seat University Theatre, the smaller, flexible Experimental Theatre space, an acting studio, a dance studio, and scene and costume shops. Also included is the 2,000-seat Weidner Center for the Performing, as well as Studio One at the Weidner Center, which is used for theatre, dance, and voice classes. The newer Jean Weidner Studio Theatre, which is a flexible studio performance space solely for Theatre and Music programs.

Faculty - The Theatre faculty is highly involved in the students’ education, both inside and outside of the classroom. Students get the personal attention and guidance they need to succeed in the program and in the field.

Rewards - Theatre Student Scholarships are available for declared majors and minors in Theatre. Scholarship selection is based on strength in the classroom (minimum 3.0 GPA) and leadership and participation in the production program. In the past few years there have been more special "Named" scholarships with monies donated to the university expressly for Theatre Students at UWGB. Our Theatre "First Nighters" are a group of Special supporters of the theatre program whose donations afford scholarships as well as the opportunity to bring in guest artists to work with students or to purchase specialized equipment that cannot be afforded with the base theatre budget. We have special opening night receptions where these supporters get to meet our students and all theatre students enjoy free food - What is strike without Pizza.