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Making a Report

Clery Campus Security Authority report
Sexual Assault Reporting Options
Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect 
Bias Motivated Incident or Hate Crime Report

Responsible Employee Reporting Form
Employees who are responsible employees must report all known information regarding incidents of sex/gender discrimination, sexual violence, or crime to the Title IX Coordinator through the above reporting form.

  • Unless you have been expressly advised you are a confidential reporter you must report all incidents that come into your knowledge from a victim of sexual misconduct. Even if you have a close relationships with students and other employees, it is not appropriate to promise someone that you will not report what they tell you.

In the event a victim discloses information regarding a crime, sex/gender discrimination, or sexual violence, employees should make sure the victim understands that as a responsible employee you will have to share details of their report with a small circle of administrators who may be obligated to act on the information.