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Climbing Tower

The UREC Climbing Tower is a 28' tall free-standing climbing facility that provides UWGB students with the opportunity to experience the unique challenge of rock climbing right here on campus. At over 800 square feet, the tower has six stations at which students can climb, each with their own unique routes. Constructed in a panel “art-wall” design intended to match the look and feel of natural granite, the UREC Climbing Tower is a feature of campus everyone should experience!

Hours of Operation (Fall)

Monday-Thursday, 4:00-7:00pm
Sunday, 5:00-8:00pm

Hours of Operation (Summer)


How do I use the Climbing Tower?
  • Upon arrival, scan in at the UREC Front Desk with your UWGB ID card (faculty, staff, students)
  • Upon arrival, check in with your Community Member ID Card (community)
  • Head to the tower desk by the tower and check in with the staff
  • At your first visit, engage in a tower orientation and sign a waiver
  • Please review UREC-Climbing-Tower-Policies
  • Tell our friendly staff what you need for equipment (all equipment is free of charge)
    • Belay device (must show UWGB belay certification)
    • Harness
    • Climbing shoes
  • Climb! Tower staff will assist you in getting your gear on and belay while you climb.
  • When done, stop back at the tower desk to sign out and return your equipment
UREC Climbing Tower

Top-Rope Belay Clinics

Register for a Top-Rope Belay Clinic and take your climbing skills to the next level! This clinic suits climbers to belay at the climbing tower and on UREC Outdoors rock climbing trips - not having to wait on staff or trip leaders for belays gives you the freedom to climb more! Complete this clinic and earn your Top-Rope Belay certification on your own or with a friend to open up the possibilities for your own climbing partnership right here at UWGB!

Register for a clinic by joining our interested list! Email or speak to our tower staff during open hours.

*Only certifies you to belay at UWGB Climbing Tower during open hours and on UWGB trips - not transferrable to other companies or gyms*

How do you register? Simple!
  • Email, or speak with our tower staff, to join the interested list and schedule a clinic
  • Clinics are taught by certified UREC Outdoors staff
  • If you already know how to belay using the P.L.U.S. method, you can opt for a "Test Out" instead of taking the full class - email to schedule a belay test-out
Students putting on climbing harness
Belay Clinic Schedule:

By interest, contact us at to schedule your clinic!

Facility Rental

Need somewhere exciting to host a birthday party, fitness day, or other event? Look no further than the UREC Climbing Tower! The tower facility is open and available for rental to university affiliates and community members alike.

Decided you want to go ahead with a facility rental? Complete this form to submit your rental request!