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Climbing Tower

Scale to New Heights

Conquer the climbing tower and test your limits.

Challenge yourself and conquer new heights at the UW-Green Bay UREC Climbing Tower! Our 28-foot indoor climbing facility features over 800 square feet of climbable terrain, with up to 20 unique climbing routes to test your skills. Climbing is an amazing way to develop invaluable character traits such as communication skills, trust and self-confidence.

Climbing Tower Hours

Woman climbing the UREC tower

About Climbing the Tower

No experience necessary! Whether you're a seasoned climber or a curious beginner, our welcoming staff is here to guide you. Here's what you can expect:

Top-notch Facility

Our climbing wall is designed to mimic the texture and feel of natural granite, providing a realistic climbing experience.

Equipment Provided

We provide harnesses, climbing shoes, and belay devices (with proper certification) at no additional cost. Just tell our staff what you need.

Expert Guidance

Our friendly and certified staff will provide an orientation, help you get geared up, and belay you while you climb.

6 Belay Stations

With 6 ropes and up to 20 distinct climbing routes, there's a challenge for every level.

Climbing Tower Rules & Policies

For an enjoyable climbing experience for everyone, the following policies are in place. Failure to follow any of these rules may result in removal from the climbing area and/or suspension of climbing and/or belaying privileges. Review these policies before climbing.

Tower Procedures

  • Check in: Upon arrival, check in with staff at the desk with your UWGB ID or community member ID card. Then, head to the tower desk by the tower and check in with the staff.
  • Waiver & Orientation: At your first visit, complete a tower orientation and sign a waiver.
  • Climbing Hours: Climbing is only permitted when the Climbing Tower is open.
  • Return Equipment: When done, stop back at the tower desk to return your equipment.

Communication & Behavior

  • Communication is Essential: Climbers and belayers must communicate clearly at all times. Belayers must never become distracted.
  • Be Respectful: No vulgar language or excessively loud yelling is allowed.
  • Behave: No horseplay, running, swinging on ropes, or distracting belayers. Do not step on ropes.

Belaying Rules

The belayer is the person controlling the rope attached to the climber's harness, catching them if they fall and lowering them to the ground when they're done climbing.

  • Only certified belayers with a valid UREC Outdoors Top-Rope Belay Certification can belay for others. 
  • Your belay certification card must be displayed on your harness to belay. 
  • Stay focused on your climber!
  • Belayers must use the P.B.U.S. method to minimize risk.
  • The brake hand must never leave the rope. Failure to follow this rule will result in immediate revocation of belay privileges.
  • Lower climbers at a reasonable speed. If you need to slow them down before they touch the ground, you're lowering too fast.

Climbing Rules

  • Boulder at low heights only: Bouldering (climbing at a low height without ropes or harnesses) above the first seam (7’) is not permitted.
  • Tie-in Knot: Climbers will tie-in with a figure 8 follow through knot. No other knots are permitted for tying in. Only belay-certified individuals may tie in climbers.
  • Buddy System: Climbers and belayers should double-check each other's equipment and knots before each climb.
  • Only UWGB issued belay devices are permitted at the Climbing Tower.
  • Prevent Snags: Remove all rings and dangling jewelry before climbing. Belayers must have long hair tied back.
  • Proper footwear: Closed-toe shoes are required for climbing.

Top-Rope Belay Clinics

This clinic prepares climbers to belay at the UW-Green Bay climbing tower and on UREC Outdoors rock climbing trips—not having to wait on staff or trip leaders for belays gives you the freedom to climb more. Clinics are taught by certified UREC Outdoors staff.

Get Trained in Top-Rope Belay

Complete this clinic and earn your Top-Rope Belay certification on your own or with a friend to open up the possibilities for your own climbing partnership right here at UW-Green Bay. 

Clinic participants getting top-rope belay trained

Register for a Clinic

Register for a Top-Rope Belay Clinic and take your climbing skills to the next level.

See Events & Clinics

Test Out

If you're already familiar with the P.B.U.S. belay method, you can choose to test out instead of attending the full clinic. To schedule a belay test-out, email us at

The UREC Outdoors Top-Rope Belay Certification only certifies you to belay at the UW-Green Bay Climbing Tower during open hours and on UREC Outdoor Adventure trips. This certification isn't transferable to other companies or gyms.

Faculty group using the UWGB climbing tower

Facility Rental

Need somewhere exciting to host a birthday party, fitness day, or other event? Look no further than the UREC Climbing Tower! The tower facility is open and available for rental to university affiliates and community members alike. Ready to go ahead with a facility rental? Submit your rental request!

Facility Rental Application

Ethan Harvey, Outdoor Adventure Recreation Coordinator

Have Questions?

Don't fear the fall, embrace the climb! Our UREC climbing experts are here to guide you. Once you overcome this challenge, there's no telling what you can do next. Have questions? Just ask.

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