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Policies, Procedures & Handbooks

This serves as a directory for Human Resources policies, procedures and handbooks. They are available for your convenience.

Academic Staff Complaint and Grievance Policy
Academic Staff Layoff Policy
Age Discrimination in Employment Act
Alcohol & Controlled Substance Policy
Alternative Work Schedule Policy
Americans with Disabilities
Building Hours and Access Policy
Children in the Workplace
Civility & Inclusivity Statement
Compensation and Pay Plan Policy
Compensation Philosophy & Salary Administration Guidelines
Consensual and Familial Relationships Policy
Criminal Background Check Policy
Education Assistance Policy
Employee Assistance Program
Employee Handbook - Academic and University Staff
Ethics, Conflict of Interest and Nepotism
Faculty Handbook
Family and Medical Leave Act
Guidelines for Maintaining a Drug-Free Campus and Workplace
Harassment and Discrimination Policy
Internal Recruitment Procedures
Leave of Absence Policy
Paid Leave and Vacation Payout Policy
Payment Guidelines for Temporary Instructional Staff
Policy for Reimbursement of Travel Expenses between Campuses
Policy on Violence and Threats
Post-Retirement Employment Policy
Recruitment and Hiring Policy
Recruitment Committee Procedures
Recruitment Panel Procedures
Rehabilitation Act
Relocation Expense Guidelines
Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect (Executive Order 54)
Responsible Service Policy (Alcohol)
Service Animal Policy
Sexual Misconduct Policy
Telecommuting Policy
Title Review Policy
University Staff Complaint and Grievance Policy
University Staff Layoff Procedures
Use of University Information Technology Resources
UW System Administrative Operational Policies
Veterans Employment Plan of Action
Vietnam Era Act
Whistleblower Law
Winter Storm Policy
Wisconsin Fair Employment Law
Workplace Conduct Policy
Workplace Safety Policy