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Professional Pathways

Eliminating Barriers

We are dedicated to engaging, inspiring and empowering the next generation of women leaders. We offer certificate programs for women at every stage of their career. Leadership is a powerful tool that can be used to eliminate barriers, change perspectives, create social change and improve the lives of others.

We have an ambitious vision with a proven track record of excellence and innovation. Together, we have the capacity to make change happen.

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Woman in business meeting or interview

Rising Certificate 

Certificate and Digital Badge Awarded Upon Successful Completion

Launching Spring 2022

We create a network of women on campus and in the community to engage and empower each other.

The Rising Certificate Program is designed for undergraduate and early career women seeking leadership development. Hard work is not enough. Women from their earliest career stages must work not only diligently but strategically.

The certificate program will lay a strategic foundation for advancement and serve as a difference-making credential.

Emerge as a Leader
Woman and man working together in meeting

Advanced Leadership Certificate

Certificate and Digital Badge Awarded Upon Successful Completion

Launching Spring 2022

We believe in the power of women in business and the value they bring to our communities.

The Advanced Leadership Certificate Program is designed for women in middle management to director roles. You might have some leadership experience, and you're reaching for that next level of responsibility.

The certificate program will provide guidance and woman-to-woman networking to outbalance the challenges obstructing a woman's advancement. 

Grow Develop Thrive
Woman executive leading team meeting

Executive Leadership Certificate

Certificate and Digital Badge Awarded Upon Successful Completion

Launching Spring 2022

We are eliminating barriers to leadership and fostering a culture of shared prosperity.

The Executive Leadership Certificate Program is intended for women in middle or upper management, or director roles, aspiring to the board room or executive status. 

The certificate program will instill confidence and a proactive approach to advancement. Develop a personalized career plan to identify steps and take action towards a meaningful leadership role. Don't wait to be noticed.

Be Visionary

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Workforce Development Certificate

Self-Paced, Online

Our communities and business leaders are challenged by a shrinking workforce. We've developed a certificate program to respond to new marketplace dynamics, enabling faster and more effective onboarding with a jumpstart to productivity. The certificate will improve employee workplace skills and provide a solid foundation for future career growth, ideal for displaced, underemployed or underserved employees.

Jumpstart Productivity


If you have any questions about any of our certificate programs, please contact the Institute for Women's Leadership at