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Biotechnology is an ever-changing field where you can satisfy intellectual curiosity.

Every day, professionals in the biotechnology field discover revolutionary processes and products to improve our world. Some manage lab investigations; others identify drugs; others develop manufacturing processes. No matter what you want to pursue, our three tracks give you the space to forge your own path.

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Which Track is Right for You?

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Quality Assurance & Compliance

Protect the public and ensure sustainable practices with an emphasis in quality assurance and compliance. You’ll focus on quality control by going in-depth with case studies of various biotech industries, clinical trials and methods.


  • Navigate FDA and ICH regulations
  • Conduct meetings with compliance agencies
  • Submit required documentation for successful product development

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Business Management

Securing funding and building awareness for new technologies requires effective marketers and business strategists. You'll learn from dedicated professors who are also professionals in their fields.


  • Pharmaceutical and B2B marketing
  • Salesforce development
  • Branding and promotion strategies
  • Project management

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Research & Development

With this track, you’ll be at the forefront of innovation, evaluating strategies and new product implementation across agriculture, healthcare and other bioindustries. Research possibilities include vaccine development, crop engineering for food safety and even organ generation from pre-existing cells.


  • Evaluate scientific discovery and market value
  • Apply computational methods, big data applications and data analysis
  • Integrate emerging technologies into business growth

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