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Key Program Features

  • A program of study based on the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards
  • A 30-credit program which includes 21 credits of core requirements and a minimum 9-credit area of emphasis requirement. (Many candidates transfer in graduate credits for their area of emphasis.)
  • A classroom-based inquiry project that links learning with teaching practice
  • A cohort admission of 20 educators, allowing you to work with a community of learners
  • A flexible class schedule - two Saturdays per month
  • Degree can be completed within two calendar years
  • Graduate faculty members who are highly qualified professionals
  • Admission requirement of a bachelor's degree with two years experience
  • No GRE or other entrance exam required
  • Refer to the UW-Green Bay Graduate Studies webpage, for more information.

Degree Requirements

Course Offered

Program Applicable to Practice

"Many master's programs have you take a class, pass it, and move on to the next class. That is the primary reason I have not sought a master's before. It was important to me that the work I do for the master's is applicable to my career. The program gave me the impetus and the framework to do that."

Mary Bowers, Owner, Reading Connections, Inc.

Supportive Faculty and Convenient Class Schedules

"UW-Green Bay's faculty members have done an excellent job creating a challenging curriculum that is also supportive and helpful in my classroom experience. My master's classes have pushed me to implement new approaches in my classroom and examine my current teaching practices. The research I am conducting is designed for implementation in my classroom in hopes of improving my current teaching methods. In addition, the weekend schedules have been very accommodating."

Keith LeMahieu, Teacher, Peshtigo High School

Classroom and Practice-based Research

"The UW-Green Bay master's program is inquiry-based, with performances based on classroom inquiry. That means I am examining my teaching practices through student learning in the classroom. My research is meaningful because it is conducted within my classroom setting. That is how I learn the best, by becoming immersed in real-life activities."

Mary Graham, Teacher, Denmark Elementary School, Golden Apple Award Winner

Collaborative and Reflective Learning Environment

"This master's program has given me an opportunity to analyze and reflect on my own teaching style. And the cohort provides a forum to discuss topics on the front-burner of education and subjects we all have passions about."

Donna Janquart, Teacher, Howe Elementary School, Golden Apple Award Winner

First Graduate

"The program put me in touch with issues that are current and that I need now such as technology and subject matter changes. In other graduate-level programs I learned very good research procedures, but now how to make research useful in my classroom. The Applied Leadership program is really different. The focus is on action research. That means I can apply better ways of teaching right now so my students learn better right now.

It was exciting to be part of the community of learners this master's degree program creates. We worked together on long-term issues and I was able to take what I learned back to my classroom the very next day."

Mary Wyman, Language Arts Teacher, Chairperson of the Language Arts Department, Edison Middle School, Green Bay; Master's Degree in Applied Leadership for Teaching and Learning at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay