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Graduate Cost

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Building graduate-level experience points to profitable careers.

The historical results speak for themselves. According to Indeed, the average salary increase with a graduate degree is about 20%. That means investing in further education is a solid investment in yourself— personally and professionally. Tuition varies greatly depending on the program. We offer financial assistance, scholarships and other forms of aid like graduate assistantships to help offset the cost of your graduate degree.

Graduate Tuition Rates

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Fund Your Future

Though graduate school is an investment, there are still start up costs involved. Financial aid and assistantships outlined below can help you offset the cost of your education.

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Graduate Financial Aid

We want to make graduate school more affordable. That's why we've compiled ways to get financial aid for your degree, from scholarships to Phoenix Scholar to grants.

Graduate Financial Aid

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Graduate Assistantships

Assistantships give you the opportunity to build experience earning salary that includes fringe benefits.

Graduate Assistantships

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One of the main facets of UW-Green Bay's mission is to make higher education accessible. If you're wondering how to fund your master's degree, please get in touch with one of our experts, like Sarah Denis, Graduate Admissions Recruiter.

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