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Connections all across the country!

Our professors are here to help you throughout your time as a Phoenix, both as a student and as an alumnus. Deciding if you want to apply? They can meet with you! Struggling with a class? Professors are engaged and hands-on in the learning process. Looking for a job after graduation? They can introduce you to opportunities both in Northeast Wisconsin and throughout the country.


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Faculty & Staff

William Gear
William Gear, PhD, LAT, ATC
Assistant Professor, Program Director
Sadie Buboltz-Dubs
Sadie Buboltz-Dubs, DAT, LAT, ATC
Assistant Professor, Coordinator of Clinical Education
Amanda Nelson
Amanda Nelson, PhD, ATC
Associate Professor
Associate Dean College of Science, Engineering and Technology, MAT Executive Committee
James Marker
James Marker, PhD
Associate Professor,
MAT Executive Committee
Christine Vandenhouten
Christine Vandenhouten, PhD
Associate Professor,
Chair Nursing & Health Studies, MAT Executive Committee
Jeremy Metzler, MD
Jeremy Metzler, MD
Medical Director