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Athletic Training Course Sequence

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UW-Green Bay's Master of Athletic Training (MAT) is a cohort-based program designed to be completed in two years. The course sequence includes a summer, fall and spring classroom, laboratory and clinical education curriculum totaling 62 credits.

Course Catalog
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Medical Education Model

Using a medically-based education model, athletic training students learn to provide comprehensive patient care in five domains of clinical practice:

  1. Injury and Illness Prevention and Wellness Promotion
  2. Examination, Assessment and Diagnosis
  3. Immediate and Emergency Care
  4. Therapeutic Interventions
  5. Healthcare Administration and Professional Responsibility
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MAT Course Sequence

Year 1

Summer I (10 Credits)
Course Title Time Credits
AT-541: Gross Human Anatomy 8-week  3
AT-551: Clinical Kinesiology 6-week 1 2
AT-601: Foundations of Athletic Training 6-week 1 1
AT-602: Foundational Skills in Athletic Training 6-week 2 1
AT-620: Eval/Manage of Acute/Emergent Conditions 6-week 2 3
Fall I (14 Credits)
Course Title Time Credits
AT-651: Clinical Biomechanics 7-week 1 2
AT-705: Therapeutic Interventions I 7-week 1 2
AT-700: Evidence Based Practice I 14-week 2
AT-760: Clinical Education I 14-week 2
AT-610: Psychosocial Aspects of Injury and Healing 7-week 2 2
AT-710: Eval/Manage Lower Extremity Injuries 7-week 2 4
Spring I (15 Credits)
Course Title Time Credits
AT-706: Therapeutic Interventions II 7-week 1 2
AT-720: Eval/Manage of Head, Neck, and Spine injuries 7-week 1 4
AT-701: Evidence Based Practice II 14-week 2
AT-761: Clinical Education II 14-week 2
AT-630: Movement Dysfunction 7-week 2 1
AT-730: Eval/Manage of Upper Extremity Injuries 7-week 2 4

Year 2

Summer II (5-7 Credits)
Course Title Time Credits
AT-740: Evaluation & Management of Systemic Conditions 6-week 1 4
AT 797: Internship 10-week 1-3
Fall II (11 Credits)
Course Title Time Credits
AT-561: Health Promotion Through the Life Span 7-week 1 3
AT-762: Clinical Education III 7-week 1 2
AT 750: AT Administration 14-week 3
AT-789: AT Research Seminar 14-week 1
AT-763: Clinical Education IV 7-week 2 2
Spring II (9 Credits)
Course Title Time Credits
AT-764: Clinical Education V (Immersive experience) 14-week 6
AT-790: Capstone 14-week 3
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