What is ATP?

Administrative Transformation Program (ATP) is on a mission to rebuild finance, human resources, and research administration systems at every insitution within the University of Wisconsin System. The goal is to reduce the complexity of the current administrative environment and refocus valuable staff time on UW's mission of education, research and outreach.

To make this vision a reality, UW System is working with stakeholders across the System to standardize processes and implement new, best-in-class technology (Workday and the Huron Research Suite). To see what is coming for each of the transformation areas, check out the following links:
  • Finance:  ATP will streamline financial operations and redesign essential finance processes so we can access more accurate data for decision-making, expand our reporting capabilities, and increase the security of our financial information.
  • Human Resources:  ATP will modernize, streamline, and simplify HR tasks and processes for everyone from job applicants to retirees, improving services for our current employees and better meeting the demands of the future.
  • Research Administration:  ATP will standardize the core research administration processes, from proposal development and pre-award requirements through post-award financial management and reporting, by modernizing our electronic systems and processes.
ATP's Communications Team is developing a series of short explainer videos that will be shared with you as they become available. Check out the first video "ATP:  What's It All About?", which is live on the ATP website. 

What is Workday?

Why ATP?

Campuses across the UW System rely on outdated, disconnected technology and supplemental systems to complete vital administrative processes and tasks. This creates security risks, limits our access to reliable data, increases staff burden, and hinders the UW from fulfilling its mission.