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Biology Requirements

Navigating your way through the requirements of one of our biology majors or a minor can be tricky. These resources can help you plan as you register for courses or decide on an area of emphasis. The links below will take you to the UW-Green Bay catalog to show the requirements for each area of emphasis and a curriculum guide, which can help you figure out when to take required courses.

Major Requirements

Accelerated Emphases

These emphases are integrated with graduate program in Environmental Science and Policy, so you can get your master's degree faster. Questions about the accelerated emphases or want to learn how to apply? Contact the chair of the Environmental Science and Policy Program, Patrick Forsythe at

Minor Requirements

A minor in biology pairs well with other programs that UW-Green Bay offers, like environmental science, human biology and psychology.

Curriculum Guides

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the organization and diversity of life at levels of complexity from subcellular to ecosystem.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of genetic information, hereditary processes, and their relevance to evolutionary change as a product of mutation and natural selection
  3. Explain the important processes and pathways that sustain living organisms including functional systems for exchange of energy and matter
  4. Solve problems by applying a scientific process of inquiry, including the effective use of appropriate techniques, instrumentation, and data analysis
  5. Identify and interpret findings of scientists and communicate results of scientific work to others in the scientific community and the general public 
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