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Biology Internships


Get experience for your biology career with an internship.

Internships help you get practical experience and open doors to opportunities after graduation. And, as a biology major, you have a wide spectrum of options to get experience during your undergraduate career.

Group of students do water research

On-Campus Internships

Make your commute easier by getting an on-campus internship! The Richter Museum, Fewless Herbarium and Cofrin Arboretum employ part-time student interns to assist with cataloging and care of specimens, developing outreach materials, data management, field monitoring and more associated with day-to-day operations. To apply for an on-campus internship, email Professor Robert Howe, the Director of the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity. The email should include:

  • Your name and contact information
  • The months when you will be available to work (including summer)
  • A brief description of your educational background and experience in biology.
Email Dr. Howe
Student collecting a soil core sampleStudent holding an american goldfinch at a bird banding eventStudents with Prof. Brian Merkel in a biology lab classStudent working in a science lab

Other Opportunities

UW-Green Bay is an ideal place for any biology field – with a surplus of natural areas and internship opportunities in animal biology and conservation science. As the third largest city in Wisconsin, we have access to a range of well-known companies like Johnson & Johnson and Pace Life Sciences. Please see contact us to set up an internship at the following organizations:


Want to work with animals? Look into an internship at the NEW Zoo!

Wildlife Sanctuary

Work outside and get your hands dirty. Working a 9 to 5 office job isn’t for you? The Wildlife Sanctuary is a perfect internship!

Cherney Microbiological Services

Keep the bad bugs at bay. When you get an internship at Cherney Microbiological Services, you’ll learn how to conduct tests on food and pharmaceutical equipment.

Matrix Sciences

Be a food safety hero! Get an internship at Matrix Sciences, and you’ll make sure any potential food contamination is stopped before it can impact your community.

Josh Martinez releasing a duck

Meet a

"I started college thinking I wanted be a biology teacher, but within the first week at Green Bay, I began to learn about botany and more about our ecosystem. It was just the excitement I saw in my professors. It really fired me up. It’s amazing to think I wanted to be an ecologist and I’m actually there. It’s definitely a good feeling."

Josh Martinez '09
Bachelor of Science in Biology
District Ecologist at Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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Want to Know More?

Confused about how to get an internship, or not seeing an option that interests you? Contact us, and we can help you figure out how to get experience during your undergraduate career.

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