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Social Networks & Your Job Search

ver the past decade, there have been an increasing number of articles appearing about on-line networks. Based upon surveys conducted by various organizations, including Career Builder/Harris Poll (2018), On Device Research (2015) and Jobvite (2014):

  • 75% of hiring managers report looking at LinkedIn profiles to learn about a candidate's background. 43% use it to check on current employees.
  • 50% of hiring managers will decide whether to move forward with a candidate's application based upon their LinkedIn profile.
  • 50% of hiring managers report candidates do not describe their job roles with enough depth and detail on LinkedIn.
  • Members with photos get 14 times more profile views on average.
  • Members with at least one skill tagged get 13 times more profile views.
  • Members with a school tagged in their profiles get 10 times more views on average.

Career Services has compiled information to assist you with developing a professional networking profile and effectively using these social networking resources. 

Developing a Professional Social Network Profile

LinkedIn is a social network that focuses on professionl networking and career development. It provides a wide range of resources to assist students and recent graduates with developing a professional profile, using LinkedIn to find a job or internship, and effectively networking and building your personal brand. Here are a few of the resources available on their LinkedIn Higher Education portal: Once you have your LinkedIn profile created, consider connecting with these UW-Green Bay groups:
  • UW-Green Bay 
  • UW-Green Bay Alumni
  • UW-Green Bay Career Services
Use the LinkedIn search feature to find other groups, companies, people or jobs of interest to you!

Additional Social Networking Resources

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