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Recruitment Partner of the Year

2020 - Paper Transport

Representing PTI from left to right: Becky Davies, Ben Schill, Cate Whitman, Lynsey Muellenbach, and Nick Skeen.

Award Presentation Remarks from Linda Peacock-Landrum, Director of Career Services - Monday, February 22, 2021:

Our Professional Etiquette program is one of many events that illustrates the exceptional commitment UW-Green Bay students and graduates receive from our community partners.  During my 24 years as Director of Career Services at UW-Green Bay, I have been honored to work with over 150 organizations and their professionals in the Green Bay community and the Northeast Wisconsin region.  It should not be a surprise to those in attendance, how this community has embraced collaboration with and support of UW-Green Bay.  Please help me to thank all of our employer partners attending virtually today.   Our mission to support and work with our students could not be possible without you. 

Each year, Career Services recognizes an organization for exceptional commitment and demonstrated comprehensive support of our mission.  This year we are recognizing Paper Transport as our Recruitment Partner of the Year for 2020. 

Paper Transport joins past recipients honored since 2007 that include Imperial Supplies, Wipfli, Dental City, Baker Tilly, Associated Bank, ACUITY, Schneider, Humana, Schreiber Foods, Glen Tilot with Brown County Human Services, the Arthritis Foundation-Northeast District, CliftonLarsonAllen and WEC Energy Group.

The first UW-Green Bay graduate to my knowledge to be employed at Paper Transport or PTI was in 2014 (Ken Feldkamp).  This was the foundation of a partnership that grew annually over the next 6 years with the support, outreach and recruitment efforts of PTI. Their team members have served as Mock Interview Day volunteers, etiquette program attendees, panelists and featured program speakers.  The organization has recruited each semester at our job & internship fairs and has attended countless events like this event today.

Specifically, I recall a conversation over four years ago with Lynsey Muellenbach about the interest of Paper Transport to begin an internship program. I believe their program started with one intern, a UW-Green Bay student.  Their program has grown each year, resulting in a total of 10 UW-Green Bay students interning to date, with the 11th student to begin her internship this spring.  7 of those 10 interns now are full-time employees.  Overall, 28 UW-Green Bay alumni are currently employed at PTI.

Headquartered in Green Bay since 1990, PTI started as a contract hauler for Fort Howard Paper Company.  Today, PTI has a team of over 1,000 professional drivers and support professionals throughout the Midwestern, Southeastern and Southern US.  It is clear through the company’s people-oriented culture and over 18% annual growth, Paper Transport, Inc. continues to achieve this mission as an employer and carrier of choice.

Thank you to the representatives from Paper Transport here today and to those who could not join us that have been instrumental in building and maintaining our partnership.   Would these individuals with PTI unmute their cameras to be recognized today?  Lynsey Muellenbach, HR Manager.  Ben Schill, Vice President.


Past Recipients

2019 - Imperial Supplies

Representing Imperial Supplies from left to right: Whitney Moreau, Sara Oettinger (2008), Rob Gilson, Jenny Lowe, and Jerry Her.
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2018 - Wipfli

Representing Wipfli from left to right: Karen Monfre, Sheila Fisher (2007), Dan Pichler, Breann Woodruff, Jay Totzke.
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2017 - Dental City

Representing Dental City from left to right: Jordan Lorenz (2012), Eric Pigo (2003) and Angie Hertel (2007).

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2016 - Baker Tilly

Representing Baker Tilly from Left to Right: Andy Dilling (1998), Tori Farmer (2011), Tanya Brake, Matthew Wettstein (2016), Adam Willems (2015), and Tara Tomter.
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2015 - Associated Bank

Representing Associated Bank from Left to Right in the Front Row: Nathan Vandenbranden, Cordero Barkley, Sarah Schwarten, Jeff Schofield and Denis Hogan.
Back Row from Left to Right: Jennifer Bauer, Stephanie Crowe, Amy Jo Derenne, Tracy Hildner and Tommie Preslaski

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2014 - ACUITY

Representing ACUITY from left to right: Amanda Gebert, Haley Lindstrom, Tracy Wusterbarth, Jordan Lindstrom and Rebecca Flipse.

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2013 - Schneider

Representing Schneider National from Left to Right:Ron Pfeifer, Kristy Sipiorski, Nicole Gregoire and Stacy Butter. Award Presented by Linda Peacock-Landrum, Director of Career Services.

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2012 - Humana

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2011 - Schreiber Foods

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2010 - Glen Tilot, Brown County Human Services



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2009 - Arthritis Foundation, Northeast District 


Representing the Arthritis Foundation, Laura Libert
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2008 - Schenck Business Solutions

Pictured left to right: Linda Peacock-Landrum, Director of Career Services; Schenck Business Solutions representatives including Green Bay Office Managing Partner Dennis Langenberg, Rebecca Stanonik, Schenck President Bill Goodman, Chris Handrick, Chris Hendricks, and Danny Schulz; and UW-Green Bay Assistant Chancellor Steve Swan.
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2007 - Wisconsin Public Service Corporation

(Integrys Energy Group) 

Wisconsin Public Service Corporation was designated the first-ever "Recruitment Partner of the Year" by Career Services. A presentation was made by Assistant Chancellor Steve Swan at Career Services' annual Recruitment Update. The WPS recruitment team was presented a plaque and a desk clock in appreciation of participation in fairs and campus interviews, as well as serving on panels, responding to requests for speakers, speaking to student groups and classes, job shadow opportunities, internships and more.