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How to Declare a Major

Every student who has earned 45 (or more) credits must complete the online Declaration of Major/Minor/Certificate and have a valid Academic Plan (including emphases where appropriate) in SIS.

Electronically submit the Declaration of Major/Minor/Certificate e-form to the appropriate major/minor advisor. Students must submit one form per major, minor or certificate they wish to declare. To find your major/minor program advisor look here. You will receive a confirmation email after your Declaration of Major/Minor/Certificate has been processed. Accounting, Communication, Education, Human Biology, and Social Work require additional steps to declare BEFORE completing this form. Check the department website for more information. If you do not meet the pre-declaration or academic requirements for these majors, your Declaration Form will likely be denied.

When to Declare a Major

The earlier you declare a major, the sooner you will be connected to a faculty advisor in your program of interest. All students MUST declare before they have 45 earned credits or a registration hold will be placed on their SIS account.

Be aware, some majors have specific admission requirements.

Each of the following programs has unique admission/application requirements. If you are considering any of these majors/minors we strongly suggest that you learn about the admission requirements for gaining entry into these programs of study at the links provided below.